Alex Prager “Face in the Crowd” at M + B Gallery

Alex Prager, an American filmmaker and photographer, will be releasing her “Face in the Crowd” exhibit at M+B Gallery in Los Angeles this Saturday, January 25th. Consisting of large-scale photographs as well as a film, this exhibit uses staged actors in crowded public settings as a vehicle to explore the concepts of public versus private space, individuality and the psychological constructs of human interaction. Inspired by feelings of anxiety and curiosity, as well as the idea of being physically lost in a crowd, this exhibit explores the different emotions at play when standing in a mass of people.

“The stories of the various characters within these crowds culminate in a new film, featuring actress Elizabeth Banks. Together, the film and the photographs uphold a portrait of the individual within the complexity of the larger crowd. Prager’s focus on this dynamic can be traced to specific influences: silent films like Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times; photographers Martin Parr, Garry Winogrand, Bruce Gilden and Helen Levitt; the darkness and the humor from Roy Andersson’s film Songs from the Second Floor; and the well- known children’s books Where’s Waldo?


Throughout Face in the Crowd, each character maintains their own agency within their cinematic circumstances. In exploring the notion of identity and the performative aspects of public life, Prager has created a universe where the crowd that gathers is the true spectacle.”


All images courtesy of the artist, Lehmann Maupin, New York and Hong Kong, Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York and M+B Gallery, Los Angeles.


Join the artist this Saturday the 25th at the opening reception from 6 to 8pm at M+B Gallery in Los Angeles, CA.


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