Interview Series: The Beach Party Way

L.A. band Beach Party has been invading the stages of venues in Los Angeles for the past year. I’m not a music expert. I know my place. But I have lost enough brain cells from New York City to Los Angeles to London to Bologna, Italy – watching small local bands experiment on the eardrums of kids, to know when an audience loves the unorganized vibrations probably as much as the band making them… And will shout back lyrics at a band that even the lead singers have momentarily forgotten in a whiskey haze.

Photo: Joshua Spencer

The resilient armies of fans that stumble around to watch Beach Party show after show were really my inspiration for wanting to write a music video treatment for the band.

The first Beach Party music video “Fun” follows the largely popular narrative video style – it seems like everything is a “short film” now. This is not a short film. It is a music video where zombies drink beer, become junkies, and junkies become zombies, with a tiki demon burlesque interlude. If that’s not “fun” to you, you probably don’t have a pulse either.

If you want to travel and lose brain cells too – follow Beach Party around for their next shows including dates in New York City (Friday Jan 24 at Baby’s All Right in Williamsburg) and Tijuana. Que Rico!

Check out for dates and more info!

Beach Party – Fun from Beach Party on Vimeo.

Beach Party Bassist Adam Arcos and I created the video together and sat down for an awkward attempt at interviewing each other about the video. And subsequently pondered how we managed to convince a tribe of our most talented friends to bring these sugar plum zombies to life with beer, a few safety pins, some pizza, and a couple buckets of fake blood

Kit: You have helped me costume a bunch of videos for other musicians. How was the experience of making a video for your own band?

Adam: Well, it’s much different when it is something so close to you as opposed to being hired to do a job. Also co-directing/co-producing is much more involved. I liked overseeing the whole process but it was definitely one of the best and most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had and hope we can do it again in the future.

Kit:  For me too! It was great to pick locations where my zombies and recent Hawaiian tiki inspirations could mix! I was really inspired by the Shoes music video “Time To Dance” too. It definitely crashed me into wanting to write a blood bath video. What was your inspiration in directing the video?

Adam:  The inspiration came from your concept basically but I think shooting in the lo-fi renegade style really became inspiration in itself. Stealing shots from the graveyard at night with no lights. It’s very “the Beach Party way”. “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.” Ha.

But I def wanted it to have that 80’s zombie movie feel.

Photo: Joshua Spencer

Kit: Yes, the “Beach Party Way” was a big contributor to the video when you guys got kicked off stage of the show we were trying to tape for this video.  Lowest- fi . haha

Adam: That said- that what was it like working with our band?

Kit: I was actually wishing I could have worked with you guys more in the video at first. When I originally wrote the treatment. I wanted BP to be hanging in the cemetery and the band decided to opt out. I liked the cameo at the end better anyway! — Do you think after this you guys will want to do a more performance-based video?

Adam:  It’s hard to say. I think we are all bigger fans of concept-based videos as oppose to a band just pretending to play their instruments in a room. Our live show is for that! Ha. But who knows, if the concept is right anything is possible.

Kit: well you guys are making some performance videos with Redbull now- and last year they found BP when you guys won the Redbull showcase for SXSW- what have been your favorite shows and what is coming up?

Adam: Yeah, that was a trip! Favorite show was probably opening for the Black Lips at the El Rey in Los Angeles. It’s so amazing to play a place I’ve been goin to for years. Especially to a room filled with our friends. We have a couple shows out of state coming up. Tijuana which should be a trip and then we will be out in NYC January 24th & 25th for a couple shows. We have an EP being released very soon as well.

Kit: I love a beach party with no borders. Wish our little crew could follow you guys there for the video en Espanol.

Viva Beach Party.

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