Interview Series: Kimberly Kearney

Kim Kearney fell in love with art, hard. Her work – depicting what she calls “organized chaos” – explores a fleeting and free-for-all form of expression. She’s not afraid to create and destroy, paint and rework. Wild strokes of color shape her black lined figures, giving them a haunting quality that sticks with you. We had a moment to chat with the eccentric artist and she opened up about her unique style. Check out more of her work online, and have a read of our interview:

Photography by Logan Rigg


LF: How did you start painting?

KK: My father is a painter, so it was impressed upon me at a young age. I have been experimenting with art on and off for most of my life. A few years ago, I started making paintings again and the energy was just alive, I fell in love hard.

LF: When did you know you were going to make a career out of it?

KK: Art is its own career. I see art as a force, and it changed me in such a way that I had to become devoted to it. I figured I would make as much artwork as I could until the work had a life of it’s own. I also thought that if I served the process diligently enough, the artwork would then make a life for me. It’s a reciprocal engagement that is always changing and growing. I live by that.

LF: Describe your creative process.

KK: Organized chaos. I do a lot of things at once to see what my mind will grab onto. I blast music, look at pictures, read, write, sketch, pace, marry ideas, divorce them, deface stuff, break stuff, wander, scribble. It’s a free for all.

LF: Who and what inspires you on the daily?

KK: Interconnectedness, human beings, wild animals, and rhythm.

LF: You’re started exploring with sculpture work – how did that happen and how do you feel about what you created?

KK: Changing mediums is essential. Certain concepts require more dimension, the weight of them is heavier cerebrally, and that has to translate physically.  Awareness is key in knowing when to engage a more palpable process in order to bring something to life. It feels great to get off the canvas, I love building things, and getting really physical with ideas.

LF: You’ve been spending some time in Italy, was it the European architecture that inspired your recent cityscapes?

KK: Those pieces are representations of a home in Italy that someone commissioned me to do. It was brand new for me because I hadn’t done any landscapes. Working with architectural forms was challenging, but I enjoyed having a linear foundation to follow and recreating the piece in my own way.

LF: What’s on your playlist right now?

KK: Everything released by Beyond Beyond is Beyond records.

LF: What gets you off?

KK: Eye contact.

LF: What’s your biggest dream in life?

KK: Life is but a big dream.

LF: If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

KK: Dennis Hopper

LF: How fast do you live?

KK: At the speed of instinct…

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