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My recent cold-pressed addiction began at Juice Served Here, a forward-thinking juice bar in West Hollywood focused on producing raw and organic juices with a unique approach: keep things clean, simple and local. The company founded by  Greg Alterman and Alex Matthews occupies a few storefronts in and around Los Angeles, including their commissary in Culver City, where the juices are cold-pressed and delivered to each location bright and early every morning.

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The first of their juices I tried was The Pixie, a cherry popping concoction of pineapple, strawberry, orange – sweet and simple. For my second juice, I thought I could handle something a little ‘greener’ so I went for the Green Milk (still my favorite to this day,) the perfect blend of nut protein and green goodness with a wee bit of Vanilla Bean to satisfy my sweet tooth. With my enthusiasm for juicing swiftly becoming a full blown obsession, I thought it was time to take the next step and participate in Cleanse Week.

I opted for a 3-day version, but there are several people who cleanse from anywhere between 1-30 days. Of course, anyone can cleanse anytime, but being a part of Cleanse Week is a great motivator as it is a community challenge. Throughout the cleanse I hit a few hunger slumps, but overall I felt bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and ready to take on each day with mental clarity. Here a few things I learned about cleansing…

Juice Served Here Live Fast Mag

 Pick the right juice bar

You want a juice bar that is 100% organic and preferably raw. It’s also important that the juices are fresh and easily accessible (whether you’re picking the juices up or they’re being delivered, pick a convenient location.) Think about staff as well, and pick a place where you feel comfortable asking questions and have confidence in knowing that they’ll provide you with good advice.

Juice Served Here Live Fast Mag

Do it for the right reasons

You’re not necessarily going to lose weight while on a cleanse, so don’t let that be your primary reason for doing it. Everybody reacts differently and it’s important to do it for the health factors as opposed to just wanting to get skinny.

Do it with a buddy

I found it was really helpful to share the cleanse experience with my partner in crime, Ladyshark. Doing it with a buddy can take some of the pressure off and it’s great to have someone to discuss the process with.

Juice Served Here Live Fast Mag

Drink tons of water

Can’t stress this one enough, water is the most important thing you can do for your body on a cleanse. While you will be getting lots of hydration from the juices – it is not enough! You need to be drinking water on the daily and in between each juice. Bonus: staying hydrated will help curb your appetite.

Carry a tooth brush

For some reason, lack of food will always give you a layer of fuzz on your teeth. Don’t be alarmed, it’s normal, but can be annoying. We recommend keeping a toothbrush in your car or nearby so you can brush on the regular, even just give your teeth a once over with warm water and you’ll forget all about the fuzz! Tip: Licorice root makes a delicious tea and is a natural teeth cleaner.

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Don’t over book yourself

For the most part you will feel energized and excited while on the cleanse, but it’s important to ease into everything. If it’s your first time cleansing you might want to avoid booking back-to-back meetings or cramming in late nights at the office. You need rest and relaxation while you’re cleansing.

 If you need a snack, don’t deprive yourself 

Odds are, by day 2 you wont feel super hungry, but if you find your body is craving something chewable, don’t deprive it- give it something healthy to snack on like a raw coconut almond bar loaded with psyllium to help cleanse out your colon. If I find myself craving more then a couple bites, I’ll snack on some raw almonds or have an avocado.

Juice Served Here Live Fast Mag

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