Interview Series: Schoph

When he’s not floating down the mountain on his snowboard or drinking beers at the pub with his mates, Schoph is making art. He literally squirrels himself away for months at a time to spark his creative juices, living meagerly in his studio, but happily in the simplicity of his life. He recently collaborated with fellow snowboarder and friend Corey Smith, who we interviewed a while back, along with Gordon Holden for a group show “This Place Is Nowhere” which opens tonight  in LA’s Paul Loya Gallery. If in L.A., it’s definitely worth a gander.

“Schoph Schophield is an art world pirate. Instead of the sea he navigates the expanse of his canvases and the breadth of his soul, looting and pillaging the postmodern western visual vocabulary to create true treasures of his own.  This process is executed with the dichotomous combination of savagery and elegance that is the mark of a true buccaneer. The result of his practice is beauty, and his aim is to steal your heart.” – Blaise Rosenthal


LF: How did “This Place Is Nowhere” come together? 

SCHOPH: I visited Corey last spring in Tahoe with Gus Cawley. We began talks about a show with ourselves and Gordon Holden and Gus to curate his first show. We all got our different things going on, so we thought why not. Corey and Gordon have great creative minds, and they are great artists. Even though I’ve shown work in the US for the past 4 years, it will be my first show in LA and at Paul Loya.  The more we spoke about it over summer the more it made sense.

LF: Can you talk about your creative process when making the pieces for this show? 

SCHOPH: The pieces for the show are a mixture of printed collage on wood and a few from my painted resin series I’ve been working on throughout the summer. The process well… I’d hang out with mates for a few weekends in London, get loose, have a blow out, listen to good music… then go north to where I live and shut myself away for a few months to make it happen, open that tap in my head and let it pour out.

LF: I couldn’t find you on Instagram… What’s your stance on social media? 

SCHOPH: Well I guess I’m just not into the Insta thing. I can be hanging out with mates and they have to have their daily dose of looking at Insta pics, or  I can meet someone and the first thing they ask is what’s your Insta?… or Facebook? When you meet someone and straight out, they friend request you instantly… and its like oh were friends now ok… cool lets talk. When I say I don’t have one it trips folk out.

People have traveled  or gone on their summer vacations forever, looked at the weather outside the window, eaten food everyday, hung out with their dog or cats. I do the same.  At times I look in the mirror everyday and I don’t need to take a pic of that and show the world.  I look rough as shit anyhow y’know, just as I don’t need everyone elses life story.  Some feel they need to share that, good on them… its just not my thing.  I have a Facebook account but I just don’t need anymore.  I try to be as simple as i can in life, which at the end of the day it should be… the social media is a great tool to meet people or for work and so on, but by no means am I knocking that.  And how great a tool it can be……..a lot of folks are into it and that’s rad… and some just aren’t.

But sometimes it’s totally shit if you wanna hang out with you’re mates in the pub too.

LF: What’s the most important thing you’ve learned in the past couple years of your career as an artist? 

SCHOPH: Learning the fact that I have to be  willing to sacrifice a lot to live the life I wanna live. Where I live , being  around close friends, relationships, living in the mountains and  snowboarding everyday I feel fortunate! I put 100% into everything i do or it doesn’t feel right… on the down side sacrifices are made. Sometimes it’s the best thing ever, sometimes its hard. Its not the easiest being reclusive for months on end, making art or not knowing where the next wage will come from or whatever, but so long as i can get in that right mind set I can do whatever I choose. I don’t wanna be the richest guy in the graveyard. I don’t need for a lot in my life . Ive learned a hell of a lot about who I am for sure.

LF: Have you been living out of a bag, really? 

SCHOPH: Well, not like changing my kegs every morning from a carrier bag from the supermarket… like I’m house trained and stuff. I live with a roof over my head comfortable in my studio… I guess i keep things straight forward.  I have a kettle, cup, a cooker, a bed, a shower and a fridge. Well a bag is just like a wardrobe with handles right?

LF: What inspires you these days?

SCHOPH: Anything and everything, depending on my state of mind or mood. Inspiration, i think, can come from many different facets. It really is all in my mind, it just gets triggered by different things, sights, sounds, and nature or the world around me. Hard to define it, but I’m just open and when it comes it comes.

LF: What are your favorite travel destinations?

SCHOPH: Sweden, European Alps , NZ (anywhere), Santa Cruz , Palm Desert.

LF: What are you most afraid of?

SCHOPH: Myself.

LF: What turns you on?

SCHOPH: Viking women

LF: What excites you the most about the future?

SCHOPH: I guess just keep on chipping away, keep on keeping on, making it happen, making more art and being able to exhibit as an artist internationally. I’m fortunate to be in the position I’m in right now – as much as I don’t show excitement as much as others do, rest assured I have a smirk hidden under the hair on my face .

LF: How fast do you live?

SCHOPH: As fast as my legs can carry me, but nowhere near the speed of my mind.

Stop by Paul Loya Gallery tonight in LA for the “This Place Is Nowhere” opening featuring work by Schoph, Corey Smith and Gordon Holden.

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