Interview Series: Lily Kershaw

Since the release of her debut album “Midnight in the Garden,” Lily Kershaw has built a great rep as an honest young artist with a knack for haunting melodies and an extraordinary artistic integrity. Her hit single “As it Seems” struck a chord among folk-pop lovers everywhere when it was featured on the popular show “Criminal Minds” in 2012. Be sure to watch the music video directed by Ben Fee.

Lily Kershaw Live Fast Mag

The 22-year-old Los Angeles native’s nostalgic lyrics have a sense of maturity about them that is far beyond her years – let’s just say we can’t wait to see what her future holds. Check out these gorgeous photos of Lily by Logan Cole, and don’t miss the rising star’s appearance on Last Call with Carson Daly in early 2014.

Lily Kershaw Live Fast Mag


LF: Miss Kershaw, what have you been up to lately? 

LK: Touring and promoting my debut record “Midnight in the Garden.”

LF: Which comes first, music or lyrics? 

LK: Either one can come first, I don’t push one or the other.

Lily Kershaw Live Fast Mag

LF: Can you expand a bit on your process when writing a song?

LK: Every song begins with me feeling restless, then usually I start playing guitar or piano and let the melody and lyrics flow from there.

LF: What’s your first memory of music having an impact on you?

LK: Hearing Simon and Garfunkel’s song “The Sound of Silence” as a child. I had my parents take me immediately to get that record. It was the first CD I ever purchased with my own money.

Lily Kershaw Live Fast Mag

LF: Have you ever been in love?

LK: Yes! I think falling in love is paramount.

LF: Your single “As it Seems” is a pretty heavy song, what was the inspiration behind it?

LK: “As it Seems” was inspired by one particularly troublesome romantic relationship and a simultaneous existential crisis I was experiencing.

Lily Kershaw Live Fast Mag

LF: What are you listening to these days? 

LK: I primarily live in what I like to call a “Folk Hole.” I listen to a lot of 60’s folk- Simon and Garfunkel, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan. But recently i’ve been getting into The National!

LF: You say most of your songs are about death or heartbreak-why do you think that is?

LK: I was experiencing quite a bit of loss and heartbreak when I was writing these songs. I’ve experienced a bit more darkness then my sunny disposition would imply.

Lily Kershaw Live Fast Mag

LF: How old do you think your soul is?

LK: Old enough to have forgotten.

LF: If you only had one day left to live, how would you spend it?

LK: With my family, in Paris, eating incredible food and drinking delicious wine!

Lily Kershaw Live Fast Mag

LF: Name one person you couldn’t live without…

LK: My mother!

Lily Kershaw Live Fast Mag

LF: How fast do you live?

LK: It depends on the day. I have a lot of duality within me. I think that comes across in my music.

Lily Kershaw Live Fast Mag

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