Meryl Pataky’s Traveling Palm Tree Project

Meryl Pataky took Art Basel Miami by storm with her “Played Out” neon palm tree installation for Perrier. Twenty-one miniature palm trees in various pop colors were crafted, with twenty of them installed for the show, while one palm tree traveled around Miami for a series called the ‘Traveling Palm Tree Project.”

In case you’ve missed it, we did a studio visit a while back with the rising neon artist, and her work is now in such high demand internationally. We love the girl. Also, just an FYI, she’s currently in the studio making some pretty badass jewelry, so if you’re looking for a statement piece for someone, this is the spot! In the meantime, check out the neon palm tree as it scoured the streets of Miami.

Behind Meryl’s neon palm tree is a Chad Hasagawa Bear piece, an SF-based street artist who we also did a studio visit with.

All photos by Brock Brake, Art Lyfe SF

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