Hotel Tour: Madonna Inn

Silver Bar Madonna Inn

Oh, the Madonna Inn… one of my favorite places in California. Perhaps because the last time I was there I was with four of my favorite people. Maybe it was because we had just left L.A. early that morning to embark on a 5-day road trip up the coast, and the landmark hotel was our first stop… Let’s just say what happens at the Madonna Inn should probably stay in San Luis Obispo, but we just had too much damn fun to keep it a secret…

“Anybody can build one room and a thousand like it. It’s more economical. Most places try to give you as little as possible. I try to give people a decent place to stay where they receive more than they are entitled to for what they’re paying. I want people to come in with a smile and leave with a smile. It’s fun,” businessman and real estate developer Alex Madonna said in one of his most memorable quotes.

Madonna Inn Laura Austin

How can you not grin from ear to ear when you drive by the hot pink sign? Before she started shooting the editorial, Laura Austin took some time to explore the beautiful deck complete with multi-colored patio furniture and bordered with railings that looked like snowflake paper-cutouts.

Mr & Mrs. Madonna opened the resort on Christmas Eve of 1958, letting the first 12 travelers spend the night free of charge. To this day, it remains a family operation, built with a passion for hospitality.


Feeling like kids in a candy store, Tamy and I made our way to the pool for a little relaxation. The 30-foot pool is perfect for swimming laps, but instead we splashed in the shallow end and dried off on the lounge chairs next to the 45-foot cascading waterfall.

Livefast_Roadtrip_MadonnaInn_LauraAustin Livefast_Roadtrip_MadonnaInn_LauraAustin

After a nice hot shower (perfect water pressure is always a plus) we threw on our favorite Wasteland vintage dresses and decided to explore the facilities. The Hotel is surrounded by acres of farm land, which gives it that secluded country vibe. We realized we weren’t in Kansas anymore when the sun hit the hillside, the breeze was dancing in our dresses and Brittney Panda made friends with a horse. It was magical.

No girls trip is complete without dinner and cocktails, so we hit Alex Madonna’s Gold Rush Steakhouse where the staff is friendly, the food is outstanding, and the bar is heavily stocked. The dining area is like a fairytale funhouse where every accessory is bright pink, dipped in gold and garnished with twinkle lights. After dinner we hit the bar for our third round of dirty martinis and made our way to the dance floor… the band may have packed up for the night, but we were only just beginning…

Photography: Laura Austin

Models: Roxanna Dunlop, Brittney Panda, Tamy Emma PepinVivianne LapointeLaura Austin

Wardrobe: WastelandRAEN OpticsRVCA Womens, Coal Headwear

to be continued…

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