Lingerie Guide: Noe Undergarments

NOE Undergarments is following up their Fall 13 debut collection with an equally chic line-up for Spring/Summer. The luxury lingerie brand was founded by twin sister design duo, Bonnie Rae and Shelah Jean, who grew up in Kauai and attribute a lot of their inspiration to the spirited island life.

The collection is bursting with variety, while each piece manages to stay true to the brand’s minimalistic nature. They are staple modern basics made with love from the slickest silk and leathers, and the sisters’ attention to detail gives the line that unforgettable character that we lust for.

NOE Undergarments SS14 hits retailers in January, with pieces ranging in price from $125-$400. In the meantime, you can shop their web store, check out the cutting-edge campaign film and try to contain your excitement!

Q&A with Bonnie Rae + Shelah Jean // Owners + Co-Designers Of NOE Undergarments

LF: What inspires you to create?

I think for anyone… surrounding yourself with people, things and experiences that stimulate and challenge you is probably the most critical element to stemming creativity.   In general our biggest influences come from our travels and cultural experiences and seeing new things.  We’ve been so fortunate to travel around the world and this is something that has come to life in our designs.   Being exposed to both the beauty and mystery of nature and also the intensity of city life has been immensely influential.

LF: Perfection is in the details. Describe to us what is unique about NOE. 

NOE Undergarments is about creative expression through intimate apparel, encouraging confidence by bringing the visible rise of progressive innerwear to the forefront of a woman’s personal style.  The brand is found on the contradiction of opposites attracting to create design combinations that one would not expect… mixing of quaintness with rawness, masculinity with femininity, softness with roughness, fluidity with structure and elegance with attitude.  We grew up on the simple island of Kauai, living in bikinis and cover-ups for most of our existence… you will notice this “freedom” with our designs, we have no restrictions with the brand except that of unneeded frills or elements, we keep things very progressively simple.

LF: What are you most excited about in this new collection?

Oh we’re so excited about everything for SS14!  The SS14 collection builds upon our label’s signature capsules- They Ryan, Edward, Aflie, Peter and Oliver… we’ve infused fresh colors and new silhouettes and styles into each.  We’ve introduced some unique high-grade meshes and novelty stretch fabrics to the collection and we’re dying over a new amazing white lambskin that we’ve brought in for specialty pieces.

LF: What’s your favorite piece from SS14?

We have 2 favorite pieces from SS14!  The Oliver Sports bra…which combines our signature T- back detail, wide herringbone elastic strapping and high neckline.  This bra is so comfortable while being simple yet progressive… can’t wait to wear this under everything.   Our other favorite from the season would have to be the Ryan Leather Zip-back Corset, it’s a sexy corset with exposed gold back zipper, structured underwire cups, white lambskin front and mesh back… The perfect statement piece!

LF: Who’s the NOE girl? 

The NOE girl… She’s a woman who appreciates progressiveness, she pushes down boundaries and makes her own.  She’s not afraid to take risks with her fashion and her life, she’s a free thinker and the thought of following trends freaks her out.  Most importantly the NOE woman knows she’s so incredibly sexy with our without someone telling her she is.

LF:  How do you manage to live in two different states and still stay close together in vision and execution? 

Yes, it’s a bit unique… but it works amazingly well!  Being twins, we’re literally joined at the hip even though we may not be at the same place at the same time.  Shelah living on Kauai and myself living in Laguna Beach, we often do much of our conversation via video chat and talk probably 10 times a day.  We get together often, every other month I’m either back on Kauai or Shelah is over here and we’re collaborating.  We often start with our individual inspiration and then we meet… more times than not we end up having ideas that are crazy similar…. even down to colors!   We have a few shared tumblr sites and pinterest boards and it’s crazy… we won’t realize it until going back through but we often post the same or very similar things.

LF:  If you could give women one piece of advice, what would it be?

Don’t take fashion (or lingerie) too seriously… make it fun, crazy and unexpected.  Be experimental with your lingerie and break your comfort zone… take risks + expose what you got.  If you only wear neutrals in your daily wardrobe add brights to your lingerie, if you dress super feminine mix in some dominant masculine pieces for your innerwear and if you dress more masculine add some sexy pretty lingerie to your style… create a yin to your yang!

LF: What about to men? 

This is tricky…. BUT, we would say our biggest advice for men is to always make your women feel sexy even if she’s in sweatpants and a flannel…. If she feels sexy and confident she’ll want to break out her best lingerie!  Secondly, surprise your girl and randomly buy her amazing lingerie and tell her how damn fine she looks in it… this will ensure a fun night!

LF:  Lingerie is trending right now… Why do you think that is? Discuss…

Yes, it seems a lot of attention is on lingerie right now. Gone are the days when lingerie remained dormant in style where the sole purpose was purely a basic function.  Today’s woman wants more from her innerwear… it’s another way to express herself, be sexy and make a statement.  Might be a few reasons for why lingerie is trending right now… women are finding it’s another way to showcase their individual style… a simple bra strap or peak of a slip can add an element of who you are.  Also, with layering trends and the popularity of sheer pieces it’s ever more important to have amazing lingerie, no one wants to have an ugly bra or 10-year old granny panties peaking out under their outfit!

LF:  Where do you see the label in 5 years? 

Creating magic….!!!

LF:  How fast do you live?

We live just fast enough to hold on yet slow enough to enjoy the ride!

Photography: Embry Rucker

Model:  Amanda Booth

Hair + Make Up: Evy Power

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