Healthy Addiction: Lashfully Beverly Hills

My beauty philosophy is pretty simple: less is more. I grew up with a mother who glorified “le bare face” and a healthy glow, with a general disdain for the overdone. I’m always shocked when I’m greeted by a perfectly dressed young gal with glossy curls and a fully made-up face at 9 in the morning. How can anyone pull this off?

I like to cleanse, moisturize and call it French chic; however lately I’ve been cheating on my roots by adding a little drama to my blinkers without any change in my morning routine, thanks to my fabulous friends at Beverly Hills salon Lashfully.

I’ve been addicted to lash extensions for about two months now and I don’t know if I ever will recover.

During my first visit to Liv Contreras and Matana’s swanky beauty lounge on Rodeo Drive, I made sure to instruct my lash technician to keep my look subtle and very natural – nothing too thick or too curly.

She used a mix of B curl lashes with a few C curl at the end – this is what you’ll want to ask for if you want that “I don’t have lashes extensions but I do” look.

You shouldn’t drink coffee before your appointment. Apparently as little as one cup will make your eyes flutter. Book your appointment in the morning, and have a glass of champagne instead. You’ll have to keep your eyes closed for an hour or so, might as well take a boozy nap.

Lashfully also offer brow design and makeup services. I’m thinking it might be the first stop on my bachelorette party?

 Lashfully Beverly Hills

421 N. Rodeo Drive, Suite A4
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 275-4622

Photography by Kimberly Genevieve

Full disclosure – they offered me a free service in exchange for a write-up and I’ve already been back twice on my own dime.

L’Agent Goodies…