Polaroids: How To Get Married In Lake Powell, Utah

Nine of us left Los Angeles on a sunny Thursday morning (admittedly, a little hungover) with two Scion XBs packed to the brim with camping gear, a freshly-pressed suit and a wedding gown. Our destination: Lake Powell, one of the most beautiful places I have EVER seen.

Our friends Holly and Tyson were to be married on Sunday and they wanted a wedding that was intimate, close to nature, and as organic as their love for one another…

We set up camp in a beautiful little cove, a 30 minute boat ride from the marina. The water was the most intense blue and the rocks were burning shades of yellow and red… I felt like I was on Mars.

After camping for three days, Hollie looked more radiant than ever. She was effortlessly stunning – I couldn’t tell if the sun was shining on her or if the light was emanating from her… either way, she looked like perfection on the morning of the wedding.

She had bought a simple white dress from Reformation and had her wedding planner/ best friend/ maid of honor, Abby Brothers, design and style a beautiful train. The wedding party consisted of Tyson’s six best men, Hollie’s three bridesmaids, a few family members and Achilles the dog.

The two were married by non other than Lizard King, who said some beautiful words at the ceremony and had everyone shed a tear and shotgun a beer.

Congratulations to the bride & groom!

The rest of the trip was completely perfect. Enjoy the rest of the polaroids by Molly Stone!

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