Interview Series: Morgan Page

Grammy-nominated Producer/DJ Morgan Page is in the Live Fast house! This music man is all over the place – from a masterful release of his re-work of “Your Love” featuring The Outfield to the many hits we’ve loved to shake that junk to in the past years that include “The Longest Road” (Deadmau5 remix) and that gorgeous Nadia Ali tune, “Fantasy”—both by which his Grammy nominations came to life.

Besides all of his originally produced titles, he’s remixed the likes of Madonna, Stevie Nicks, Katy Perry, T-Rex, Regina Spektor, The Police and released his fifth studio album earlier this year titled “In The Air”—and collaborated with one of our latest fave duos, Sultan & Ned Shepard— to only name a few off his list that dances fast in music industry. In this latest interview series, Page stole our heart when our questions got answered all the way from his hotel room in Singapore. We also found out his middle name is WOLF,  and you know what that may do to us as well. Now we’d like you to gain some BPMs…


LF: What was the first track you listened to back in the day that may have gotten you hooked on music?

MP: Around the world by Daft Punk. On vinyl of course! That was a huge inspiration. I remember playing at UVM’s radio station in Vermont and people thought I was nuts.

LF: Now that you’re well into your career, can you tell us a few details that tie into re-working tracks?

MP: My approach is different for every remix, but typically everything hinges on the vocal and building all elements around that. Kick drum, vocal, chord progression, bass line, arpeggio.

LF: What’s the one place in the world that you may travel to that feeds into your inspiration?

MP: It’s hard to pick just one. But pretty much anywhere in the American Southwest inspires. Joshua Tree inspired The Longest Road.

LF: Tell me a few tracks and artists that are on your playlist at the moment…

MP: The new Avicii single is great, and I’m curious to listen to more of the Kanye album .

LF: Do you have any advice to those who aspire to break into this business?

MP: Don’t send unsolicited promos.. slowly build your rep and build your contacts one at a time. The shotgun approach doesn’t really work. Start slowly – don’t shop your music until you’ve already started creating a small following. Ask for feedback and just keep pushing.

LF: How fast do you live?

MP: My main outlook is believe in yourself. Don’t expect your parents, your friends, your school, or your religion to do anything for you. You have to make your own luck and not leave it up to someone else. You can steer a fair amount of your own destiny. Steve Jobs had a lot of great quotes, but my personal favorite was “don’t try to live someone else’s life.”

“I feel like I was born to do music.. Something in my blood just made me gravitate towards musical instruments, and it never let go.”

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