Hotel Tour: Shade Hotel

Sometimes you need a little break from reality, even if it is just a thirty minute drive down the 110 freeway to one of the most expensive cities to live in along the California coast; Manhattan Beach. Sure, we can’t afford to live there… but we can dream, right? With a little help from the spectacular Shade Hotel, our dreams just might come true…

We checked in at 6 pm with a suitcase full of gear: t-shirts, skateboards, short shorts, and of course our favorite Mike Miller x Billabong one-piece suit. Eager to catch the last of the light, we started on the rooftop Skydeck for a little R&R and a dip in the pool as the sun set.

We sipped on fresh cocktails looking out at Manhattan Beach, the waterfront and the pier, and the fun continued way after sunset…

Feeling adventurous, we took our boards to the ocean front – a quick three block stroll downhill from the hotel. After some exploring and skating around, we stopped at Izaka-ya – one of our favorite haunts – for sushi and glass of chardonnay, before heading back to spend a little quality time in our penthouse suite.

Live Fast Mag loves penthouse suites. We lounged in this luxurious room featuring a 42 inch flat screen plasma television, a 2 person Sanijet spa tub with color therapy, and a California King sized Tempur-Pedic mattress. Did I mention the bed is decorated with the most luxurious Mascioni linens and the fluffiest goose down duvet? Scrumptious.

After a playful pillow fight, we made our way downstairs to Zinc Lounge & Bar where we were offered our first round of drinks on the house as a welcome gift from the hotel. Naturally, we ordered two dirty martinis with blue cheese olives (yum!).

To finish off the evening, we took our perfectly crafted cocktails (kudos to the bartender!) up to our room, and slipped into the larger-than-life spa tub… now this is relaxation! At the Shade Hotel, anything is possible, and with outstanding amenities, friendly staff, and prime location, we will definitely be back.

Photography: Shelby Goldstein

Models: Roxanna Dunlop & Vivianne Lapointe

Hair/ Make-up: Karina Moore

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