Babe Talk: Sherise Cromwell of REESE

With emerald eyes, golden locks and a sun-kissed complexion, Sherise Cromwell‘s exotic look inspires wanderlust. The young business woman and world traveler started designing clothes when she was 18, which eventually led to the launch of  REESE, her eponymous line of contemporary apparel and accessories.

She just released a SS13 swimwear collection channeling “the emotions of a city girl lost in an L.A. world,” and is currently working on a promising collection of limited edition eyewear. In this exclusive interview, she speaks with conviction about her journey, her exciting new line and her future plans. Photography by Chris Swainston, edited by Niko Bacquie.


LF: Which did you start designing first,  jewelry or clothing ?

RC: Dresses. I never grew up with a lot of extra money to spend on wardrobe, so since I was 18 I’ve been revamping my closet and creating my own garments. Having to shop on a budget definitely inspired me to start sewing more! One of the first dresses I ever made from scratch was for my 20th birthday. It was a backless orange mini, and it definitely sparked my career in fashion.

After that, I started making custom dresses for friends and friends of friends. Years later I decided to focus on creating my own line, and five years later I’ve managed to create a sort of lifestyle. Looking back, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

LF: What sparked the jeweler in you ? 

RC: I am secretly a huge social butterfly. It’s really funny because my choice in jewelry and accessories has always attracted people to me and has sparked some amazing discussions over the years with strangers that I have met around the world. Statement pieces are great conversation starters! After making dresses for two years I felt like I needed to channel my creativity into something new, and designing jewelry just seemed to be a natural outlet.

LF: What was the inspirtation for your new swimwear line ? 

RC: All my inspiration comes from traveling; and being that I am a city girl, I’ve been blessed to spend most of my time on a beach recently for a change. I’ve never been into color, so instead, I really wanted to create sexy detailed pieces that kind of juxtapose the movement and textures of the beach scenery. I used a lot of hard geometric angles to help give the suits a strong, commanding presence that would be gently smoothed against the soft edges of a woman’s body. I really like to play around with opposites. Creating this line was really fun for me, it was like taking elements of the city and transporting it to a place where it didn’t belong.

LF: What is your favorite piece in the collection ? 

RC: My favorite’s are probably the Tiki & Cruzan, Kaila, Callie & the JFK print. I couldn’t just chose one!

LF: Where were you born ? Tell us a bit about the early stages of your life …

RC: I was born in Scarborough, near Toronto. I was a HUGE tomboy throughout my school years. It’s funny how it comes out now in some of my designs.

LF: Qualities you love in a man ?

RC: He has to have a sense of humour, be a family man, and most importantly he has to be secure with himself.

LF: Five words to describe your personality…

RC: Determined. Rare. Renegade. Spiritual. Adventurous.

LF: If your brand ‘REESE’ could speak to people, what would it say ?

RC: Unleash your imagination

 LF: Plans for the near future ?

RC: I’m really excited to launch my new limited edition eyewear collection and to introduce my newest collection of dresses this year.

LF: Other than designing, what are your passions ?

RC: Traveling ! I made it my goal in high-school to enrich my life with culture and new experiences. I still have a lot of places that I would like to visit but i would say that I am pretty good at crossing off the destinations on my to-do list.

LF: How fast do you live ?

RC: It’s depending on which country I wake up in.

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