On Film: Lauren Graham x Jenny Parry “This Cigarette”

Everybody who comes to Hollywood has a dream… what’s your dream? These famous words from Pretty Woman have us all wishing for a fairytale come true, but for most of us little ladies in the city of light, finding what we’ve come here to look for doesn’t come without a price to pay… At one point, you’ll get your heart slaughtered, you’ll be broke, you’ll be hungry, you’ll find yourself lost with nothing but a dream to lean on. But if you keep pushing, you will find your silver lining.

This new short directed by Lauren Graham and starring Jenny Parry is sort of a confessional for the L.A. woman. “I liked the idea of a film that felt like a girl was trying to get back together with her boyfriend, but she’s actually talking to herself about her so-called dream,” Lauren explains.

This Cigarette from LG on Vimeo.

“L.A. is a tough town when your dreams lie in the Hollywood realm, so it’s good not to be too hard on yourself when it comes to your progress – whether it be slow or quick. Also to not beat yourself up about mistakes made in the past. Maybe you don’t have to change who you are… maybe you should just accept it and work with it. I feel like I’m just learning this, and that’s what this film is about.”

“Jenny is a real honest girl. I know that sounds cheesy, but she is. She’s a real friend, who listens and cares about the projects she’s involved with. She was so great to shoot with and SO SOOOO patient with me,” LG adds, laughing, “she doesn’t even smokes cigarettes!”

Starring Jenny Parry – Actress, Model, Blogger @ NEXT

Written & Directed by Lauren Graham

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