Recap: The Skateboard Mag Photo Annual Party

Originally when I went to The Skateboard Mag Photo Annual Party I thought it would be fun to shoot with a disposable film camera to capture a raw party vibe. What I didn’t anticipate was how delicious Herman’s new Saint Archer beer was going to be, #sorryforpartying and #sorryforblurryphotos. The second thing I didn’t anticipate was my pro photo lab (a.k.a Walgreens 1hr) breaking down and turning it into a one week photo lab that destroys film. So with all my excuses laid out on the table, I present you with a photo essay titled “Beer Tastes Better Than Photography!”

The truth about the show is… it was beyond epic. With two full stocked free bars, Cardiel spinning on the turn tables and every legend from Koston to Kirchart and Beagle to Brittain in the crowd it was a teenage boys’ wet skateboard fantasy come true. Oh, and did I mention at something like 11:46, chaos hit. The crowd feverishly clawed at the the walls stripping down all 100 prints in a matter of 30 seconds. A hundred blissful fans strutted around with glee on their face and an original Atiba print tucked under their arm. It was a party and that’s all anyone ever wanted. Thank you Skateboard Mag, from the bottom of my beer.

Photos by Christopher Swainston

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