In Focus: Lucy Folk “Tropicalismo”

Lucy Folk‘s new collection “TROPICALISMO” was inspired by the designer’s recent honeymoon trip to Brazil, and like all of her work, it combines her two passions in life: food and jewelry. The tantalizing, handmade adornments introduced below are cast from real pieces of fruit Folk meticulously dries in her studio in Melbourne – how cool is that? The wacky collection also includes an adorable Pina Colada Bowl which, as she explains, is “perfect for putting your tropical trinkets in.”


LF: Obviously, food and jewelry are your favorite things in life. What sparked you to combine the two?

LF: When I sat down to design my first range of jewelry there were flashbacks to kindergarten when we threaded rigatoni on to cotton and made our own pasta jewelry. This was spray-painted and then became my one and only necklace. I adore making jewels that people can identify with and that capture my personality. I chose to channel this moment and to create a collection of pasta-inspired jewels that reflect my love for food and cooking and this was well received. I literally haven’t looked back ever since and to this day continue to create – and be inspired by – “foodie jewels.”

LF: What was the first collection you ever released?

LF: I had a mini exhibition in 2004 after I finished my bachelor of Fine Art at RMIT University. The work was heavily inspired by Richard Scarry illustrations especially as I grew up reading his alphabet books and have always had a soft spot for illustration. I created silhouettes in sterling silver of his drawings and created earrings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches.

LF: How much has your work changed since then?

LF: I’m constantly learning with every collection. I feel like I’m refining my work and experimenting with different materials each season. The foundation of my jewelry will always be metal as this is what I know works and where I have the most experience. I love collaborating with other craftspeople however. It’s always a fun experience learning from respected peers and incorporating their expertise and skills into my collections.

LF: What inspired this particular collection?

LF: Everything from Brazilian favelas to fruits of the gods and holiday island fever! Its not enough to just taste the flavor of these ingredients, for me it’s totally a state of mind.

LF: We absolutely LOVE the ‘Carmen Miranda necklace’ – what article of clothing would you pair with it? 

LF: A simple white t-shirt and a fun printed skirt (like my Proenza Schouler Hawaiian inspired number).

LF: What is your favorite piece in “TROPICALISMO”?

LF: I’m partial to the Wonderful Watermelon Bracelet, the Blood Orange Cocktail Earrings and the Carioca Citrico Necklace.

LF: What is your absolute favorite fruit ?

LF: Papaya with fresh lime juice.

LF: How would you describe your personal style?

LF: As long as it’s comfortable – and colorful – then I’ll wear it. I’m really inspired by innovative prints and amazing quality so its usually brands like Dries Van Noten or Stella McCartney and Kenzo that particularly end up being a brilliant foundation for my wardrobe and the jewelry.

LF: What do you hope people feel when they wear a piece from “TROPICALISMO’?

LF: My creations should give the impression that the wearer is on holidays, not too far from a beach. And its always a good idea to be sipping on a strong cocktail!

Have a look at the whole range here.

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