In Focus: Austyn Weiner x Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne’s piercing eyes and infamous goofy expressions steal the show in this Warhol-esque series by Miami-born, New York-based mixed media artist Austyn Weiner – aka Austyntatiouss.

“While backstage on assignment shooting Michael Kors at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, I ran into Cara, who was walking the show. I had shot some polaroids of Cara in the past so when we bumped into each other again it was an awesome surprise. I wanted to create something that was representative of Cara’s personality and the iconic role she plays in the contemporary fashion world,” the artist explains.

“The inspiration that fuels my work crosses many mediums. My methodology leads me to deconstruct images and reconstruct them as I see them,” she explains. Her creative process is driven by color and freedom.

“The three polaroid and the portrait of Cara are two separate works. All four were created using a multitude of layers including paint, ink, print, re-shooting the work, and then manipulating them in the final layers. I like to think that the Polaroid series was created for the world, and “Le Modèle” portrait was created for me. “Le Modèle” was a completely expressive process where I feel I painted Cara how I see her; classic, unique, inquisitive, different, and of course, timelessly beautiful.”

If you’re a fan of large-scale art pieces, these works are between four and six feet high! I can’t wait to see further collaborations between Cara and Weiner. Her personality and beauty easily make her a modern-day muse.

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