Kickstarter Watch: SuRu Clothing

Oakland-based apparel company SuRu has a cool mantra. Baba Afolabi, Nigerian born but Oakland raised, wants the world to know that SuRu is about diversity and multiculturalism, and he’s designed his brand to represent this. SuRu in Yoruba, his native language, means “Patience” and in the Japanese language means “To do.” Despite the geographic distance between the two cultures, the words come together to mean “To Do Patience.” This is a quality that speaks to the core of the SuRu brand, representing all of the colors of the world. Also, Baba has an affinity for the number five, a lot of his designs incorporate cities spelled with five letters.

Baba has put together a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to further his vision, to bring production Oakland, and the goal is to provide internships and employment to local inner-city youth and college kids. The designs derive inspiration from a diverse variety of cultural symbols, including Futball (Soccer) as well as colors from the sovereign flags, alphabets and language characters from different countries. Help him make his dream happen! In the meantime, check out these fun gifs I put together to help his cause!

All photos and graphics by Abby Wilcox

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