In Focus: NIGHT SEID “Out Of The Dark”

Brandy Redd, Abby Brothers, and Molly Stone hail from different walks of life, but they’ve decided to join forces and embark on the same journey towards a common goal: founding NIGHT SEID, a company that houses and represents artists and sells limited edition prints online. We’re talking BB Bastidas, Brooke Frederick, Clint Peterson, Chet Childress (Adul Skoorc), Cody Comrie, David Broach, Gareth Stehr, Jason Lee Parry, Michael Donovan, Molly Stone, Nil Ultra, and Sterling Bartlett – it’s quite the line up!

It’s not difficult to see why the universe brought these kindred souls together. Abby, Molly and Brandy are three of the most dedicated, passionate young women I have ever met. For the past two years, they have been investing every ounce of their energy into something they whole-heartedly believe in: ARTISTS.

I got to sit down with these babes and talk about their crazy adventure. Their presence will melt your heart and make you fall in love with each of them, which will simultaneously make you fall in love with NIGHT SEID. Join us as we celebrate their launch party tonight! Photos by Chris Swainston.


LF: Can you explain what NIGHT SEID is?  

MS: We are a company that showcases and represents different artists practicing all forms and mediums. We get their work out there for everyone to see and get them the recognition that they deserve. We are the middle man: they make the art and we get it out there to the masses as well as show their true personalities; we are not just showing their art but we are showing them as people.

LF: What initially inspired you to start NIGHT SEID? 

AB: Being surrounded by so many creative people and noticing that they weren’t doing anything with their art. We want to help get their art out there, so its a collective of all of these artists but more structured like a talent agency – in order to make sales you have to have structure and creative people don’t have much structure, thats where we come in.

MS: It kind of formed from something else, we started off wanting to sell amazing stuff, whether it be jewelry, furniture, or art – but then we fine tuned it and figured out that selling prints would be the best way to do it.

The artists inspired me initially, we are so fortunate to have all of these talented friends but most of them don’t know how to sell or promote their work, so the inspiration was them – we saw something in each of them and felt like we could help sell their work and get it out there to the masses.

BR: I have a lot of experience in the agenting side of things, so when these girls said they wanted to get me involved doing that I was like Yes, of course I can do that!  Once we started working on the business plan we realized that it wasn’t just agenting or the website or events, and that it was going to take a lot more then just spare time. I fell in love with the whole project and felt like I was really working for something… I was inspired by the idea and the fact that I got to work with my two best friends.

LF: What does NIGHT SEID mean? 

AB: The name ‘NIGHT SEID’ came from a good friend of ours, KK, who is one of the most creative human beings ever (thank you KK, I love you!). She was looking for awesome words that could describe women that were a force to be reckon with and she came across SEID which is an old norse term for witchcraft and sorcery.

It’s a form of sorcery that women practiced in the scandinavian age. They were powerful women who had visionary journeys – that’s where SEID came from. NIGHT describes everything that we are. All of us are people of the night, even if it’s bright with our art it still has something to do with darkness or night. Hence our launch being titled ‘Out of the dark…’

LF: Obviously, fate brought you three together, but how did you all meet?

AB: Me and Brandy go way back. I was 14 at a county fair in Kentucky, on my way to fight some girls and this tall, hot, bohemian chick walks up to me and says “You should really think about modeling, I could have you traveling the world. I was like ‘Yea, yea, I don’t got no money, forget about it.” After I fought the girls I was running from the cops and of course I look over and see Brandy running after me yelling that she had lost the form I filled out.

BR: I was scouting for my mother agency and I had lost Abby’s form!!! I look back and see Abby B-lining it from the cops and I couldn’t catch up to her. I finally gave up and as I turn around to walk back to where I was I look down and find Abby’s form lying in the dirt.

AB: It wasn’t even 2 weeks later we moved to New York and we’ve lived together ever since. That was almost 8 years ago. Brandy saved my life. Then we came to L.A. a couple years ago and met Molly. The first time I met Molly I was at my husbands old house – a crazy skate house… ‘Barnyard Stomp’ was playing and her and I just danced so hard all night long. It was love at first sight. You know when you’ve met a soulmate in life when it’s instant, and with both these girls it was.

MS: And Abby and I actually both lived in the same shitty apartment complex in Hollywood, but at different times. Our paths never crossed then but it was kind of a cool foreshadowing to a friendship that was going to form years later.

BR: Then I ended up moving in with Molly for a bit in L.A. and got to spend some time with her and I fell in love with her – I mean, how could you not?

LF: What role do each of you play in making NIGHT SEID a reality? What are each of your strengths? 

AB: Molly is the creative one, a bit here and there, she’s always so easy going. Brandy is that very organized, getting business taken care of, being professional but at the same time being herself so people enjoy working with her- she is SO good at cultivating relationships. Then you have me who just bounces off of both of them and picks up where i can. I kind of mesh the two together with the creative off-the-wall side and the professional business side.

MS: We really compliment each other, where one doesn’t know how to do something, the other does, and if we don’t know how to do something we figure it out as a team. I’m all over the place, i feel like i am not that great at having a business motto- so thats where the other two come in… we all kind of feed off of each other.

BR: Abby has been at the forefront of the events and planning the launch; she’s really good at getting people together, down from the invites to how the art is going to be laid out. Where as Molly is more in the art department, she is so good at getting the images together and making them look amazing, down to the last colour to every spec of every image. If it wasn’t for the two of them then i wouldn’t have anything to organize, so its a really good play off of each other.

LF: What is different about NIGHTSEID?

AB: NIGHT SEID is different because we focus on the artist. It’s really important for us to brand the artist and off of branding the artist, we can then move onto branding NIGHT SEID. We really focus on interaction with the artist, each of them has their own profile and bio on our website and we always ask for their insight so people can learn about what inspires our artists and what it is they do on a daily basis.

MS: Artists love one piece one minute and then a month down the road they have something new and better… they are constantly developing as artists and as people. NIGHT SEID is different because we are flexible with them and their journey- thats the beauty of it, that every single artist on board is so amazing in their own way and we embrace that and want to show it to the world.

BR: For us our artists are family – not just a commodity. We talk to them on a daily basis, we are pushing them for publications (we just got three of them featured in CREAM magazine in New York!!!) We started with twelve artists and we just got our thirteenth… NIGHT SEID will always stay boutique because we want to give them the best of us.

LF: Each of your artists is completely different from one another – what is it you look for when deciding to work with / represent a particular artist?  

MS: It started as a group of friends. I’ve known a lot of these artists for years and then Abby introduced me to Michael Donovan and we decided to work with him. The collective grew from there… If someone comes along and has good energy and we like their stuff then of course they’re going to mesh well with the rest of the group.

BR: Not just anyone can sell their work on NIGHT SEID, it is a collective. Like Molly said, they have to have a good vibe, be a likeable person and show something about their personality through their work.

AB: It’s amazing that none of our artists get their inspiration from each other but they all fit so perfectly together. We really look for personality and distinction. All of are artists work goes so well together but you will always be able to tell one artists work from another.

LF: What’s next for NIGHT SEID? 

AB: New York is next on our list… the world, fuck it, we want to conquer the world. Asia is a really important market for us because a lot of our artists have fans there, but New York is definitely next. I have plans with a lot of friends there who own businesses and clubs to redo their clubs and have shows, put shows in commercial real estate and have our art everywhere- theres not one city we do not want to be in.

BR: Art and creativity are celebrated everywhere- so its an overall goal for us to spread NIGHT SEID as far as we can and share it with as many people as we can.

LF: You’ve invested everything – blood sweat and tears – into this startup. What keeps you going in moments you just wanna give up?

BR: Each other, thank god we all freak out on different days – we’re all cheerleaders for each other, when one of us is down, the other two are there to lift your spirits and remind you why you’re doing this.

AB: I think what really keeps me going is the fact that as hard as it is, at the end of the day NIGHT SEID is ours. No one gave us the money for it, no one is doing anything for us, it’s OURS and our ARTISTS and as a family we own it and will always own it.

MS: The artists, the art, and each other. I wake up every morning and feel so lucky because I am working towards something that I am so passionate about and that has so much meaning to me. The thought of getting to sit down every single day with my two best friends and work with them to form something amazing keeps me going.

LF: Some say it’s bad to mix business with pleasure, what’s it like living together, working together, and being best friends? 

AB: Our business is our pleasure. There is nothing about our business that isn’t fun or pleasurable. We always have fun working together, even if things go wrong, I think we’re really good at seeing the silver lining in every shitty situation. Sure we have arguments or things go wrong, but the bottom line is we love and respect each other enough to always look past that and be grateful that we get to create something as a team.

MS: I love being able to work with them every day. Waking up in the morning and seeing Brandy and Abby work makes me want to work – it’s inspiring and I feel lucky.

BR: It’s been really awesome living and working with these girls. Because we’re all so close, we have each other’s back. If I have an audition or Molly has a shoot or Abby needs to go out of town for a shoot- we cover for each other. We appreciate that we all have other loves other than NIGHT SEID. I think we’re also really good at staying professional, if I have a bad day, i leave my personal bullshit at the door, I go in and work, when the work is done THEN I talk to these girls about my shitty day.

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