Art Crush: Caia Koopman

California’s own Caia Koopman creates alluring pop surrealist paintings that celebrate the power of the female spirit in today’s society. Her characters are strong yet vulnerable, quirky and elegant, playful and full of attitude. She imagines an empowered, modern young woman in whimsical backgrounds loaded with symbolism – flowers, skulls and odd little creatures you just cant help but fall in love with. See below her latest piece titled “Monk,” a print released today by our friends at PangeaSeed as part of the Sea of Change – The Year of Living Dangerously project.

“My painting portrays the critically endangered Hawaiian Monk seal, while the female character symbolizes the souls of a shrinking population and seals past. I believe strongly that we humans, all living things and even the planet itself are intrinsically connected. When humans are the main cause of a species becoming extinct, even unknowingly, I believe a small part of ourselves dies along with a part of the global ecosystem. Her ghostlike aura illustrates the near extinction peril of the Hawaiian Monk seal,” Caia explains.

Feast your eyes on more of Caia’s fabulous work below:

Written by Danijela Krha of BeautifulBizzzzarre Art

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