Art Crush: Erik Olson

There’s something in the eyes of Erik Olson‘s portraits that’s so captivating. No matter how much he plays with the areas surrounding the two peepers – gridding the skin with big hatch marks, or dividing a face as if splitting from the middle out to either side – the painting still feels grounded because the eyes are relaxed, creating a soothing focal point. His latest show entitled, “Architecture of the Face” shows to prove that stillness can exist despite the chaos surrounding.

Erik Olson Self Portrait

Erik Olson, Yellow Portrait, Gordon Erik Olson, Red Portrait, Jessica

Using broad strokes and a confident, fluid movement of the brush, Erik Olson is able to create beautiful and sturdy beams to hold up his subjects against vibrant monochromatic backgrounds, proving that the architecture of the face begins with a solid foundation.

Erik Olson, Green Portrait, Grid Erik Olson, Jasalmer, Portrait, Art Crush, Artist Erik Olson, Douglas Udell Gallery, Vancouver Art

Erik Olson’s solo exhibition, “Architecture of the Face” will be on display from February 23 – March 9, 2013 at Douglas Udell Gallery in Vancouver.

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