Art Crush: Ben Franke

Lately, reader submissions have been flooding in, and it’s an exciting way for us to discover new artists. This was one of them, and we jumped at the chance to publish this incredible series “Parkour Motion” by NYC-based photographer Ben Franke.

Do you even know what Parkour is? Yeah, most people don’t. It’s essentially overcoming any obstacle you encounter through the use of your body in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Parkour involves running up walls, jumping around a lot and maybe doing a flip here or there. And the athletes are seriously agile.

Franke really focused on capturing the essence of the athletes movements with his stark but expertly placed lighting, and he had a few other tricks up his sleeve. Here he explains a little bit of his process. “When photographing any motion, its a challenge to convey the authentic movement in a photograph—as it’s a 2D medium. My goal with the series ‘Parkour Motion’ is to capture the energy and power of these athletes. I did so by covering the athletes with flour and using it illustrate the path of their motion.” Enjoy!

Ben’s video below gives you a real look at Parkour and the incredible athletic abilities of the practitioners of the sport.

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