Studio Visit: Danny Minnick

Los Angeles expressionist Danny Minnick is your living proof that one can never wear too many hats. Actor, painter, skater, director, stuntman – he excels at it all. I’ve been watching him evolve as an artist in the past few years and work with a real, rare passion. We stopped by his studio in DTLA to snap a few pics of his latest pieces and to get some intel on his vision, ideas and current projects. Photography by Kimberly Genevieve.


LF: When did you first pick up a paint brush? 

DM: In 3rd grade, I painted a giraffe for Mother’s Day. My first time really painting a painting was in L.A., with Mike Parillo.

LF: How did your career evolve from skateboarding to making art, painting and acting? 

DM: Well skateboarding is an amazing art in itself. If you do something for a really long time & love it, other things will evolve from it. From skateboarding I learned film making. I got to meet & film some of most of the amazing skaters at that time. That lead to filming feature films… I never went to film school yet I shot a feature film in 35 mm…

Then a good friend of mine told me i should get into acting before he passed… After that wake up call, I really wanted to learn acting. The first class I went to was with Art Evans and he had Sydney Poiter speaking to the students. The only biography I ever read was “The Measure of Man” by Sydney Poiter. Greatest  story ever. I knew i was suppose to be there in that minute…  After understanding the art of acting it’s just like painting & painting is the icing on the cake. They go hand & hand. It’s all about the journey – not a pre-planned result!!! The canvas is blank & you fill it with your experience & troubles. You’re working out of your self, not out of your head!!!

LF: You always repeat: love art, art loves you. How have these (magic) words worked out for you so far?

DM: They have worked out well. If you put postive energy out, you will get it back..

LF: How would you describe your artistic process?

DM: Unconsciously throwing it out there, being free & not thinking..

LF: What do you feel is unique in your technique?

DM: That I even have one…

LF: Your painting style, in 10 words or less.

DM: Free & fun…

LF: Where do you pull inspiration?

DM: Women, addictions, life and music.

LF: Who are your favorite artists?

DM: Mike Parillo, Haculla , Muska, Jean Michel Basquiat, William de Kooning, Helen Frankenthaler, Richard Mirando,  Robert De Niro Sr., Jackson Pollock, Wassily Kandinsky, Tony Curtis.

LF: Some places in the city need a touch of art… Tell me about your abstract in the streets series and your favorite places to wheatpaste. What drives you to x building, x street corner?

DM: Yes they do.. I print out my paintings that I no longer have and re paint them. It’s so fun because I get to go through the emotions of that work all over again…  I had never really seen absract on the streets so thats how it evolved. Well when I’m walking through the park eating a hot dog with mustard texting a friend…I think to myself were would be a cool place then I look acrosss the srteet & there it is..

LF: How did your collaboration with Project Canvas come about?

DM: Zach from PC came up to me during one of my shows at DTLA art walk and we hit it off instantly. We’ve been super cool since.

LF: What advice would you give to an aspiring artist who’s just starting? 

DM: Just work out of yourself, truthfully… your art is about your truth…

LF: What’s your wildest dream, art wise?

DM: Painting with Jean Michel Basquiat in Venice on mushrooms! While Harold raps… In Jim Morrison’s old Laurel Canyon apt.

LF: How fast do you live?

DM: 33 mph…

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