Interview Series: Cody Comrie

Los Angeles-based Cody Comrie has developed a style of abstraction that is as emotionally charged as it is graphically pleasing. His work is clean and organic; it is inspired by nature, animals, decay, the Universe, and the way things naturally evolve and change. “It’s the circle of life, and it moves us all through despair and hope, through faith and love,” right? Read more as we sit down with one of our favorite artists and discuss his creative process, current projects and bad habits.


LF: When did you start making art?

CC: I’ve made art ever since I can remember. Started drawing cars as a child with my dad who is an amazing artist. In high school I was really into photo realistic watercolors. Then I went onto college to study Industrial Design to design cars. I realized after graduation that the last thing I wanted was to work for a huge corporation and instead I started experimenting with more abstract work as I felt so… conformed.

LF: Tell us about your creative process.

CC: My process is very important. I rarely have an idea before I start a piece. I’ll start with something that just pops into my head whether it be a line or a shape or really anything. That thing will dictate the next and so on until I feel it is finished or it finds a balance in some way. Sometimes Ill start with an Idea or an image I find Inspiring and work backwards to give it meaning.

LF: Tell us about your line of clothing that’s about to launch – The End.

CC: Me and some close friends have been working on a men’s collection for Fall / Winter 2013. It draws from early punk and military references and it’s all made here locally in the USA. We are exited and it is just starting to come together.We will be showing in Vegas in February.

LF: Who are your favorite artists right now? 

CC: Rothko and Joseph Beuys will always be my favorites but right now its my Artist friends ,CW, Justin Fry, Kube, Gareth Stehr, Tyler Durstchi to name a few.

LF: Who / what inspires you?

CC: Joy Division, David Bowie, Jonathan Richman. Music in General. The Universe. Animals. Good people.

LF: Tell about Space 727, how the forthcoming LINES – a group show happened and how you vibe with these two other artists.

CC: Space 727 is a new space that is curated and organize by Edgar Varela and his partner Michelle. Harley Cortez has known Edgar for years, playing music in various events in Los Angeles. Harley and I are good friends -we live just a few blocks from each other and Matt is rad.  Both are amazing musicians/artists. I’m honored to get to show with both of them.

LF: You survived a motorcycle accident not so long ago. How has it affected your art work?

CC: Being so close to death has made my viewpoint on life and living so much different. I have seen how terrible things can cary so much good In there wake.  It affects my work in many ways, some are abstract and come out in the process. It has inspired me to make work that reflects the big picture, the balance of life, the way things evolve and change and how we adapt.

LF: If you think about where you are now and where you thought you’d be as a kid, how do the two scenarios differ?

CC: I guess I never put too much thought into it as a kid. I’ve kinda just taken things as they have come and adapted to them. As a kid, I mostly wanted to fly fighter jets… Sadly that never happened.

What’s on your playlist right now?

CC: This aussie band Graveyard Train,The Modern Lovers, Joy Division, ZooKid/King Krule, Rolling Stones, Velvet Underground, Eddie Current Supression Ring, and My Girls band Dark Furs.  Those are the tops I guess….

LF: Are you going to go snowboarding this winter? What’s your favorite spot?

CC: I think Ill snowboard a little, I’ll probably visit my family in Utah and go to Brighton.  If not that, Mountain High, since its the closest.

LF: What gets you off?

CC: Cars, motorcycles, good design, all things that look good.

LF: What’s next for you?

CC: I’ll see where our line takes us and try to have as many shows as I can. Keep moving forward with all the great people around me.

LF: How fast do you live?

CC: I should probably slow down a bit.

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