How Girls Like to be Licked

“A man should have a good understanding of a vagina. He should be good at oral sex. On a woman. A skill a man should have? Making fires and pleasing a woman. In the vaginal area.” (Jamie Bell)

God Bless that Billy Elliot actor. I don’t care for making fires, unless I spend a romantic weekend in a cottage with pregnant woman cravings of burnt marshmallows. But I really do care about the fine art of the cunnilingus. Apart from those ladies who are hypersensitive, or those who are scared to smell like dead fish down there, all girls want a guy whose mouth spends more time between their legs than sucking on extra spicy chicken bone. So take notes!

The simplest way to perform a good cunnilingus is to just ask your girl how she loves to be licked. If an ex craved to be nibbled and refused any finger up her ass, another demoiselle is dreaming about it, while dreading goatee hair rubbing against her vagina.

If not every girl can explain what she lusts for before going to bed every night, all girls agree that they want guys to make them wet gently, without spitting as if the face of a former mother-in-law was on their clit. We love when guys grunt, give naughty looks and make it known that we taste better than the foie gras they ate on New Year’s Eve. One thing’s for sure, no one wants a guy who forgets his chewing gum between their labia minora. True story.

We also want diversity in movement, speed and sexual targets. Guys should kiss, suck, nibble the mons pubis, inner thighs, labia majora and minora. A cunnilingus involves more than a tongue: fingers can be use to pinch nipples, to stroke the belly and to touch and penetrate vaginally and anally. To cum while feeling full is often the best.

Also guys, you should know that your tongue is not a simple replacement for your cock: it is unnecessary and way too boring if you keep on darting your tongue in your sweetheart’s pussy with the same constant movement of back and forth. A tongue is not a jackhammer, although three other girls may have convinced you otherwise when your were celebrating the end high school.

All in all, good cunnilingus needs to be long, never rushed and free of interruptions from an overly eager cock or  – worse – nagging questions such as do you like it, tell me you love it, is my tongue made for your pussy or what, huh? Guys must forget their ego and the possibility of standing on an oral sex podium.

After an orgasm, please, guys, don’t get up right away to drink a glass of water. Continue to munch, because girls are lucky, we can cum longer than guys. Wait until she begs you to stop, or until she snores or speaks about the weird music the neighbor listens to during the day, before you grab your cock to continue sexual acrobatics. Bon appétit!

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