Bored of Hollyweird

I guess there’s a lot to photograph in Los Angeles, and though only a few still believe that it is not the entertainment capital of the world but simply L.A., I pretty much agree. “A place to do drugs” and have sex, be seen places, and wear corduroy jackets and pretend to be someone. The amount of “pretend” is astounding and most of it is simply talk, as everyone has something to say about everything, though few types like Picasso or Jean Michael Basquiat ever emerge from the pack.

I ended up stuck in the middle of Hollywood for several years. By the time I left, the sight of a clown roller-skating by a coffee shop or a man painted all gold was nothing to me, and I would just take a snapshot or continue shopping.

With a couple jobs I discovered the joy of shopping, and figured that’s what people do “with all the money they make,” though it has nothing to do with anything the public is interested in.

The types of scenarios splayed out around Hollywood are really strange, and nobody in other parts of the country would ever know anything of them. You just have to make the best of it, go out to eat a lot, maybe try to find love, and meet some of the more real people that have valuable things to say.

The amount of characters or “moths” – as a friend called them around Central L.A. – is astounding, and I can’t figure on anything they add to society. It’s unnerving, and I eventually moved on to another area of Los Angeles, less concerned with pocket change and celebrities.

The beauty of “places like Hollywood” is that a lot of the people involved in it don’t live there. I’m sure you’ll probably get laid though if you do.

L’Agent Goodies…