Beyond Sexy: Hysterical Literature

Literature and pleasure are so intimately related, whether you simply enjoy the caress of words or have some fetish about the hot babysitter reading you bedtime stories (was that just me?). In both cases, if you love great novels and orgasms, this will make your whole day.

It’s a beyond sexy project by Clayton Cubitt called Hysterical Literature, and the idea is as simple as it is brilliant: gorgeous, gorgeous girls are sitting down at a table, filmed in black and white by one fixed camera, fully clothed in nice outfits. They are reading a passage from one of their favorite books. Under the table, however, something else is happening.

“I’ve been told to dress as I would for a date with a man, not a boy”, remembers Stoya.

As they read out loud, which is pretty sexy already, they quickly lose concentration and appear to struggle more and more. As time goes by, it becomes obvious that there will soon no longer be any words read, but rather the beautiful moans of a woman’s uncontrollable, powerful orgasm.

Under the table, you see, is someone operating the all-powerful Hitachi wand vibrator.

This has got to be the hottest, classiest, most literal (ha!) sex-literature combo ever, making it, in my humble opinion, the epitome of intellectual erotica. Not only is it ferociously hot, but it’s also cute as hell and even funny, as the girl’s giggles let us know how delicious and silly this feels to her.

You will hear Tom Robbins, Bret Easton Ellis and Walt Whitman, to only name a few, and no matter what story is told, it’s fascinating to see how the reader’s quivering voice and adorable struggle make every word sound unbelievably sexy.

A real treat for your brain, eyes and ears.

For an interesting first-person experience, you can read Stoya’s recollection of her moment of Hysterical Literature on her website:

Neither the Hitachi or the woman wielding it will be denied, but in the interests of art (and because this feels so beautifully filthy I don’t want it to stop yet) I hold out as long as I can, she writes. This section of the world that I’m inhabiting slows down, zooms in. Like a stretched rubber band it suddenly contracts, and I am lovingly punched with an orgasm.

I giggle-pant, hands on the table. Once enough pieces of my mind have come back I deliver the closing line.”

View all Hysterical Literature on the series creator’s website here.

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