Art Crush: 3D Fashion Photography By Matjaž Tančič

The anaglyph – or 3D image in photography – is not something new. In fact, the method has been in existence since the 1850s (though it’s a little easier to execute these days with Photoshop.) In a series titled “Mimicry,” Slovenian artist Matjaž Tančič has added a fun twist to fashion photography with this eye-catching effect, which cleverly accentuates the stark contrast of the city and the country, both with the style and poses of the models.

Matjaž – a graduate of the London College of Fashion – photographed this series in China, the United Kingdom and Slovenia. His knowledge of fashion styling is obvious; he expertly directed the models to appear polished and tailored in their city surroundings while feral and animal-like in their country surroundings. This duplicit presentation allows the viewer to visually and emotionally  jump from city to country seamlessly.

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