Skydiving In Lingerie? Yes Please!

Every time I think I’ve seen the coolest possible thing, something happens that just raises the bar this much more. In the unbelievably awesome and fearless category, I’ve rarely seen better.

Ok. So think of the most exciting, sexy, liberating things you could do as a woman. Now let me blow your freaking mind: skydiving in lingerie! I know, right? Not only is it more awesome than words, it’s also a seriously badass way to conquer your insecurities and let your hair aaaaall the way down.

We’re talking six gorgeous ladies, two talented photographers, amazing lingerie and a whole lot of metaphorical balls. It’s called Be Bold, Take the Leap and it’s about allowing women to leave all their fears behind, jump into the air with nothing to hide behind and nothing to hold them back, and experience total empowerment and freedom.

“Afraid of heights? Petrified of letting anyone, even your boyfriend, see you in lingerie?” asks blogger Elizabeth Mitchell. “Then it’s about time you get out of that comfort zone and try something new. It’s amazing the things you can achieve when you just push yourself to new limits.”

The initiative was created by the amazing Esme & Eve and allowed six courageous, gorgeous LA bloggers to immediately become something like goddess/superhero hybrids in my eyes. You can read about Elizabeth Mitchell’s experience on that day on The Luxury Spot. Now if this is not as inspiring as it is sizzling hot, I don’t know what is.

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