Interview Series: Dana Boulos

When I met Dana Boulos, I was immediately taken with her genuine personality combined with her playful spirit and eccentric fashion sense. Dana’s photography reflects how she views the world around her… a magical playground. Her are some of our fave shots from her portfolio – including Wasteland‘s stunning new Life on Mars lookbook – and a Q&A.

LF: You live in Los Angeles. And we have definitely had some good nights out together. What are your favorite local haunts when it comes to food and going out? 

DB: When it comes to food I love Cafe 101 on Franklin – it’s got a perfect 1970s vibe and style that I wish I was a part of. I’ve been noticing a lot of pop-up clubs are trending right now. I was a huge fan of Diamond Dogs nights at Bardot as well as Smoke and Mirrors at the Standard, can’t wait till they bring back those nights again.

LF: I absolutely love your photographic style. From seeing shoots for The Cobrasnake to your “Life on Mars” shoot Wasteland, you are just so versatile. What is the best thing about shooting fashion for you? 

DB: I love the idea of creating a story. Each model is really a character and playing a role in those photographs whether it’s vintage or high fashion.

LF: What do you use as inspiration when you shoot? 

DB: I make a lot of mood boards that help establish the inspiration behind the shoots.

LF: What kind of equipment do you use? 

DB: I use Canon 7d, Canon G11 and a few filters. 

LF: What is your best piece of advice for someone who is just starting out in photography?

DB: You have to stay creative, focused, and never give up. I’ve had so many “haters” tell me there’s no way I’d ever make it in photography that it’s a big waste of time, I have to thank them though because it made me progress with their words of advice!

LF: Your Tumblr is this magical world of color. What is your day-to-day inspiration? 

DB: Waking up in the morning being able to make my imagination a reality.

LF: You also have an amazing and daring fashion sense. What kinds of trends and designers are you into right now?

DB: I don’t follow trends, I make my own. A lot of my friends say I dress like a cartoon character because I love color and shapes. When it comes to designers I really love and respect Vivienne Westwood, Hedi Slimane, Meadham Kirchhoff and Delfina Delettrez for jewelry.

LF: Who is your favorite person to shoot?

DB: I have a lot of favorites but one model for sure stands out and that’s Diane Rosser. She’s more than just a model she’s more of a chameleon, she’s an artist who isn’t afraid to transform to anything depending on the project.


LF: You also dipped your brush into directing. (Bang & Blow video for the Wetrobots) What was that like? Do you want to make the transition into directing from photography?

DB: It was amazing because I had been asked by Bosaina on directing a music video for her and The Wetrobots and I honestly had no clue where to even start, I remember the next night I had a crazy dream and decided to recreate my dream. I teamed up with director Armen Harootun to help make it all a reality. I definitely want to go into film.

LF: How fast do you live?

DB: Fast… this is all just the beginning.

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