WILD STYLE by Joyrich Concept Store Opens In Los Angeles

Earlier this month, our friends over at LA CANVAS hosted a lavish Japanese-themed party to hype the opening of WILD STYLE, an eclectic, poptastic concept store brought to you by the creative minds behind street wear brand Joyrich, Founder Tom Hirota and Creative Director David Melgar.

The new shop, which opened officially as of Sunday, carries a curation of niche, fashion-forward lines from Jeremy Scott to Vivienne Westwood as well as an outstanding selection of accessories, books, furniture and gifts.

“We’ll be hosting events with art installations by local artists, and we’re pretty involved in the dance community here as well. We want our space to be a warm, welcoming experience for all creatives,” Melgar explained in a recent Q&A.  We snapped a couple pics at the launch event so you can have a taste of what to expect. WILD STYLE is located on 7703 Melrose Ave. Stop by and let us know what you find!

Joyrich Creative Director David Melgar

Cupcakes by D’Vine Pastries on the opening night.

 Photos by Kimberly Genevieve

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