Bordelle Introduces Bond-Age Swimwear Cruise Collection

Bordelle‘s new swimwear collection incorporates two essentials to make a woman feel beautiful. Each suit is as equally strong as it is sexy. Coming from a luxury lingerie label this synchronism is expected and definitely appreciated.


Black Olympia Set


Red Olympia Set

For those of us who not only like our bathing suits to look amazing, but also handle our adventurous ways, the stretch jersey material benefits our need for a durable high quality garment. And for the icing on the cake with these Bond girl inspired designs, the 18k gold detailing in the bondage style hardware on each piece is the yummiest part.


Bordelle Swimwear Hardware

My favorite set out of the new Bordelle swimwear collection would have to be the black Bond-Age bikini set, cleverly hyphened to imply the Bond Girl inspiration in its simple yet perfectly complicated design. Unique enough to stand out in a sea of bikinis, the neutral beige and black color block design exudes an edgy elegance. Its vintage silhouette pulls me in to its confident sex appeal.


Bond-Age Swimsuit Beige


Olympia Swimsuit Red


Bond-Age Set White

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