Interview Series: Graham Dunn

L.A.-based photographer and director Graham Dunn doesn’t only capture physical beauty and style. He has the rare ability to literally dig into the soul of a subject with his lens. Extract its purity. Just look at all the eyes in the spread below! Dunn has shot for Lovecat, Bambi, Ben Trovato and has a really wonderful portfolio of short fashion films. He’s one of our favorite portrait photographers, yet “Gray Area” was his first story for Live Fast Mag, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce him in our Interview Series. He’s not a man of many words, but the images definitely do the talking.


LF: When did you first pick up a camera?

GD: I guess high school for a required art class but I didn’t do very well and wasn’t too good at printing. Then I just made videos for years before trying stills again and found out I really loved it and began to understand how it all worked.

LF: You have a beautiful series on your site titled Scenes from the last day on earth. Where would you want to be, on the day of the Apocalypse?

GD: On the roof of Costco with my family—lots of supplies, steel doors, good vantage point to watch the world burn.

LF: Where do you seek inspiration? 

GD: Childhood memories, movies with either Corey—Haim or Feldman, portraits by masters like Peter Lindbergh and Paolo Roversi, and music is hugely inspiring too…you can make up a little movie in your head when you hear a great song.

LF: Where were you when you found yourself the most inspired artistically?

GD: I feel like every day, or at least every week, I get super inspired by something new—so anywhere really, is that a cop out?  As far as inspiring places, the great outdoors—equally vague, but nature’s variety never gets boring.

LF: What piques your sensual side?

GD: Photographically—natural light, people who are present and in the moment, people who are comfortable with themselves, delicate moments, people who are unaware of their beauty, a great setting. Personally— a warm bath with candles and 50 Shades of Grey.

LF: Describe your creative process in five words or less.

GD: Document something, learn something.

LF: Who do you favor collaborating with: well-to-do professionals or starving artists?

GD: As long as it’s something creative with talented people, either’s good!

LF: What’s your favorite thing about living in Los Angeles?

GD: It’s beautiful, has cool history, great scenery, and it feels like a place where things happen.

LF: How fast do you live? 

GD: Too fast—there’s never enough time to see and learn it all and spend time with people you love… wish there was.

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