Fashion Radar: Q&A With Courtney Capretto

Courtney Capretto – one half of the fashion mavens behind the wildly successful line 10 Corso – couldn’t be happier right now. A designer from a young age (she started designing and sewing at age nine), she’s made a name for herself in LA for her elegant but clean style. She first perfected “the little black dress” with her brand Capretta, and now her most recent label, 10 Corso, defines “model off duty street wear.”

Don’t be surprised to see 10 Corso’s designs on your fave celebs, because word is spreading fast! Lucky for us, Courtney took a moment out of her hectic schedule to chat about the future of her hip line. Check out the interview:


LF: What’s a busy day look like in the life of Courtney?

CC: My days are always interesting to say the least. I am at the office pretty early, usually having stylists or celebs pull pieces for a premier or event. Hectic visits to production, factories, and dye houses are per usual. Just to make sure things do not get too overwhelming I am always planning ahead to the next season. Of course there are always little challenges along the way. Everyday is different whether we are planning a special event or developing prints for next season.

LF: How about a laid-back day?

CC: Unfortunately most of the time there are no laid back days. However when I have time to catch up with myself on the weekend my inner foodie seeks new spots to try in town, and I also love going to flea markets to find vintage clothing and furniture.

LF: You have quite the coming-of-age story in your love for fashion, which started at age 9. Can you talk a little bit about this?

CC: My love for fashion did start at an early age, and I can thank my Mother for this. Growing up I realized my Mother’s keen sense of fashion one day as I browsed her museum-like closet. Over the years I adapted some of her understated, simplistic aesthetic as well as develop my own edge. With this, I have created 10 CORSO.

LF: What’s in “Model off duty street wear”?

CC: The concept of the line is model-off-duty street wear. I wanted to create something for the Southern California lifestyle but still cater to my East Coast roots. I find that casual wear or “basics” can transcend from day to night easily by changing accessories. In this I have created oversized boyish knits that are subtle but yet very sexy. I have carefully chosen high quality knits so that they can easily be worn with sneakers or dressed up with heels.

LF: There’s timelessness to your designs. Is this important for you?

CC: Yes, This is important to me because I’m always looking for longevity in every angle my life. We build relationships that we believe will have purpose and permanence. Why give any less attention to what you choose to put in your closet? I believe clothes are filled with sacred memories you should keep.

LF: You’re designs have been popping up on celebrities all over the place. Do you feel as if you’ve made it, what does that mean to you, and would you change anything?

CC: I am grateful for all of the support and loyalty I have gotten for the brand. At this point there is absolutely nothing I would change. There are always goals to achieve, and even making mistakes along the way is part of the process.

LF: What’s in the pipeline for Spring 2013?

Spring 2013 for 10 CORSO will be consistent with the current aesthetic but in this case catering to a broader market. The collection will feature sophisticated bold prints, as well as the highest quality knit fabric in carefully crafted silhouettes to compliment any figure.

LF: Who inspires you the most in your work?

CC: The people around me insure me to be better and to go beyond a creative journey. I am blessed to have so many great friends and family around me who are so dedicated to their own professions and passions it makes me strive for better.

LF: How fast do you live?

CC: Well if we are talking about my driving skills, then I’d say quite fast. But generally speaking I believe design is fast-paced by nature because of constantly having to reinvent and keep up with innovative design.

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