Editorial: Siouxzen Kang’s “Fully Frida”

How inspiring Frida Khalo’s life was, even to this day, so it’s no wonder photographer Siouxzen Kang emulated her style and grace in this glorious Live Fast Mag exclusive titled “Fully Frida.” Frida’s life as a painter and as a lover was defined by her difficult health issues caused by polio and a tragic accident as a young woman. But despite her limitations, she defined herself by creating some of the world’s most recognizable and influential paintings with her colorful folkloric style.

In addition to model Leore Hayon being the perfect choice for the representation of the artist, the fashion styling feels incredibly iconic, from the oversized rosary to the skull headpiece. It fits with the often morbid themes of Frida’s paintings. The vintage treatment of the photographs adds a final authenticity. Frida lives forever.


LF: What was your vision with this shoot?

SK: I didn’t really have a big grand vision for this shoot. I just remember getting together for a creative meeting with my friend and stylist, James Juarez and we were shooting ideas back and forth to each other. He said he had an idea of doing a dark, gothic Frida story. As if Frida is not gothic already. We just knew we wanted to take basic elements of the traditional Frida look, but make it a bit more mysterious and dark.  Basically that was the general idea and from there I went on by creating a mood board. Nothing ever looks like what the mood board starts off to be. I think it’s great to get a sort of inspiration flowing so the other members of the production team has an idea of art direction as well.

LF: Why did you pick Leore?

SK: I chose Leore for her eyebrows of course! Just kidding. Leore is fantastic. I’ve been following her blog and her antics for quite some time now on her social media networks. I had never officially met her, but thought I would send her the mood board to see if she was interested at all. I explained to her that this would be something totally different than what she was used to shooting and she loved the idea of collaborating. Leore is the epitome of traditional exotic beauty. She was such a joy to work with. Super enthusiastic about all looks, and her hair is KILLER.

LF: What’s your favorite Frida quote?

SK: Nothing is worth more than laughter. It is strength to laugh and to abandon oneself, to be light.

LF: How would you describe your photographic style?

SK: With a sort of painteresque quality my photographic style is a bit of a mystery. Everything magical happens in the moment. I am an analog girl living in a digital world. I love playing with light, slow shutter speeds and different on lens filters. I like to create a depth of rawness when you look at my photographs.    There is a point, where one can express such strong feelings, that one is bleeding raw emotion. I want to bleed that with my images.

Photographer: Siouxzen Kang

Model: Leore Hayon

Make up: Jamie Sorkin

Styling: James Juarez “James the Beloved”

Hair: Veronica Nunez

 Photo Assistant: Ambrlee Putnam

Wardrobe Assistants: Julia Matteson & Victor Jonas

 Check out our interview with Leore here! 

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