Babe Talk: Leore Hayon of The Girl Habit

When Israeli, Moroccan, Swedish and Italian beauty genes mix, you get a stunner like L.A.-based model and actress Leore Hayon. With her wild, untamed hair, deep green eyes, contagious smile and unique style, she is one of our favorite new faces right now – I could honestly stare at her all day and we are thrilled to feature her in this week’s babe talk. Enjoy our Q&A and watch out for this rising star!

LF: Hi, beautiful, how’s it going?

LH: I’m with my kitty right now so I’m happy.

LF: So, why the name, Girl Habit?

LH: I started a Tumblr called Girl Habit and it kind of just stuck. I’m a girl’s girl. Girls rule.

LF: How did you get into modeling?

LH: I was working at a skate shop in the valley in high school and someone from American Apparel asked me to model for them.

LF: You had an AA billboard recently right? How did it feel?

LH: I was just happy it wasn’t a photo of my bum or anything. They once had an ad of me in a red one piece from behind and I could have died. But it’s funny… I look at these things and I don’t feel like it’s me. It’s just someone who looks like me.

LF: What’s your favorite thing about your job?

LH: The friends I’ve made!

LF: What are the best qualities a girlfriend can have?

LH: Adventurous, down to earth, trustworthy, silly, loves dancing, and a good shoulder to cry on.

LF: What about a boyfriend?

LH: Confident, honest and a passionate lover.

LF: 3 words to describe your style

LH: West coast baby!

LF: Tell me about your shopping habits… Where do you find your vintage?

LH: Flea markets, Goodwills, Wasteland, my friends closet.. I’ll just be driving and pull over if a store catches my eye. That’s the great thing about living in LA. There’s so many vintage stores!

LF: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

LH: I roll over and squeeze my kitty.

LF: What makes you crush?

LH: A great smile and killer style.

LF: What’s the best line anyone’s ever tried to use on you?

LH: Lets get outta here… (We got outta there)

LF: When are you happiest?

LH: When I’m laughing with my friends or I’m hanging out with my crush

LF: Who’s your favorite person to shoot with?

LH: My friend Emman Montalvan. He’s one of the first photographers I ever shot with and he’s just the best! I adore him.

LF: How fast do you live?

LH: As fast as the time goes by when I’m hanging out with my crush.

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