Art Crush: Creatures of Comfort’s “We’re Revolting”

This past weekend I was appointed by Cool Hunting to cover Creatures of Comfort‘s “We’re Revolting,” a new pop-up curated by Su Wu, the mastermind behind the popular art & design blog I’M REVOLTING. Su was invited by CoC to collaborate with a selection of her favorite creatives – 13 artists and designers from Australia to Brooklyn to Japan to LA, all of whom she has featured on her site before – and create unique items for the West Hollywood cult boutique.

As Su kindly walked me through the installation, I couldn’t help but notice a few favorites, and I wanted to share them with you:

“If things don’t exist until we experience them, and we can sharpen our senses to experience things a bit more quickly, then that might be a form of time travel,” that is the theory of Brent Paul Pearson, an L.A.-based science fiction writer who created these quirky kaleidoscope glasses. I had to try them on! 

The coolest thing about these dipped resin geodes is that Elyse Graham slices upon purchase with a Japanese sword… So neither you or the artist have any idea of what the interior of the stone is precisely going to look like…

But based on these larger pieces below, bet they’re going to be stunning!

There’s nothing more luxurious than stepping out of bed and on to one of these loopy, textured rugs by Joanna Williams. Those are so gorgeous!

Images courtesy of Kimberly Genevieve. Check out more shots and products here.

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