Interview Series: Judith Supine “Too Much For One Man”

A lot of magazine clipping and much resin huffing have been going on since we last wrote about enigmatic Brooklyn artist Judith Supine. This is the final week to check out his latest body of work off the streets, a solo exhibition at Jonathan Levine gallery in New York. He claims it’s “Too Much For One Man,” but I think you can handle it…


LF: How do you feel about this new show? 

JS: I’m pretty excited to show my new work.  I think it’s really evolved and I’ve made some pretty interesting discoveries.

LF: Can you discuss the underlying themes of your new exhibition, “Too Much for One Man”?

JS: Conception.

LF: Your older work has been described as subversive, but you’ve always said it’s really based on aesthetics. What’s your focus now?

JS: Reading books and relaxing.  I don’t want to stress out about making art, I have always been better at working at my own pace and prefer to do a few really good works than crank out a bunch that I’m not happy with.

LF: What turns you on?

JS: Conversation.

LF: Can you describe your creative process?

JS: I procure magazines and books and reassemble them into collages.  I enlarge the collages and hand paint them, sometimes I layer several of the same collage and paint each layer differently, then seal them in resin for a glossy finish.

LF: Any new mag you like to pull from lately?

JS: Body Building Magazine, US Weekly.

LF: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

JS: Bring my girlfriend breakfast in bed.

LF: How do you feel about living in New York right now?

JS: I’m loving it.  Just working in my studio and focusing on my work.

LF: Do you still put pieces up in the streets?

JS: Not really but I have some ideas about doing sculptural work.

LF: How did your collab with Manish Arora pan out this past season? How was that experience?

JS: I loved it, and I’m ready to wear it.  The premier of the collection during Paris Fashion felt like  an accomplishment and having people like Karen Wong from the New Museum wear one of the pieces for the New Museum Gala was pretty awesome.

LF: Favorite spot to travel to…

JS: Thailand for ladyboys, muay thai, coconut milk

LF: Do you have a muse?

JS: Yes currently my girlfriend’s shoes and smoking habit.

LF: What’s the next big thing coming for you after this show?

JS: Christmas with my parents in Virginia.

LF: How fast do you live?

JS: Not very fast anymore. In fact, I live pretty slow these days.

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