Talking Shop: I Don’t Like Mondays’ Colin Talbot

I Don’t Like Mondays is a remarkably curated online fashion boutique featuring progressive brands and artists such as Alexander Wang, Cast of Vices, Chris Habana, Jeffrey Campbell, LUVAJ, Obesity and Speed, SGC N-Y-C-, Unif and many more. Check out their exclusives and keep a close watch on the wearable art offered in the IDLM gallery, We had a quick chat with store’s co-founder Colin Talbot as our friend Justin Bridges from Tucked snapped the images below, and here’s what he had to say!


LF: How did you come up with the name “I Don’t like Mondays”?

CT: The name “I Don’t Like Monday’s” speaks to the desire to break away from conformity, for example the common work week. Also, it’s the title of a rad song from the 80s.

LF: What were you (and your partners) doing before IDLM? What inspired you / led you to make the jump?

CT: I was working as a rep at a fashion photo and production agency in NYC. I had several friends that were working on amazing lines but had minimal online distribution at the time. I wanted to create an online store where customers globally could get these pieces.

LF: You started off with handmade graphic T-shirts and artist collabs. Can you tell me a little bit about your involvement with the art community in NY and in general?

CT: Initially the collaborations were limited to friends as we were just starting out. But overtime we’ve been able to get involved with people outside our circle, like Genesis P’Orridge most recently, and it’s been a huge exciting treat to see the IDLM family growing.

LF: You describe IDLM as “a platform to showcase up-and-coming fashion designers of today to an international audience.” What’s your latest designer crush we may not know about?

CT: I’m super excited for the new alien militia pieces coming from Asher Levine this fall. Also a variety of bone accessories from OS will be arriving any day now.

LF: Which magazines / websites do you look at daily?

CT: Magazines: Interview, Garage, Self Service / Self style blogs:,, Pull Teeth / Tumblrs: executiverealness, bondhardware / Fashion and art news: Business of Fashion, A Shaded View on Fashion, The Moment, Art Fag City, and Live Fast!

LF: Why is it important for you to curate a content blog?

CT: It’s a place for our customers to experience more of the IDLM aesthetic, and we’ve also begun featuring contests where customers can win prizes.

LF: What’s your biggest challenge as an online retailer owner for fashion?

CT: Making enough noise online so people can find you can be difficult. We don’t have some of the visibility benefits of a brick and mortar, therefore we’re always looking for new ways to keep our customers engaged and our base expanding. We spend a good amount of time coming up with creative ideas for marketing.

LF: Do you actually – to this day – don’t like Mondays?

CT: When you love what you do, going to work on a Monday is considerably less painful.

LF: What music is playing in the office right now?

CT: The KVB.

LF: Your studio’s right on Bowery. What do you have to say about this iconic NY neighborhood?

CT: We’re right by the Bowery Ballroom and the New Museum, which both helped elevate the area from the “Skid Row” feel it still hasn’t completely escaped from since the 1970s. Like most of Manhattan, this neighborhood is changing quickly – several galleries have popped up on the block within the last year – but I hope the area doesn’t lose its grit too soon.

LF: How fast do you live?

CT: Not as fast as when I was younger. I prefer the Friday night dinner with friends over the 5am house party in Bushwick. Now I’m all about getting out of the city. There’s nothing better than laying on the beach with a good book.

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