Interview Series: JEFF The Brotherhood

There comes a point in everyone’s life where they want to be a rockstar. At least, that’s certainly what the aim of Jake and Jamin Orrall of JEFF The Brotherhood was when they first came out. Hailing from Nashville Tennessee, the hard-partying brothers’ 2009 debut, Heavy Days, was a refreshing take on good’ole fashion rock n’ roll.

Their 2011 follow-up, We Are The Champions, was clearly inspired by the foregone classic albums by Weezer, Sonic Youth, and The Ramones. The record is filled with face melting riffs, furious solos and power pop melodies. However, Champions’ appeal isn’t in its originality, but rather in its amazing songwriting. Tracks like “Bummer” and “Mellow Out” combine slacker anthem mentality with a slow and steady tempo that take you back to those rebellious days of high school when sipping on beers and smoking cigarettes behind the bleachers was a daily taboo.

But Jake and Jamin only seem like slackers; it’s a total illusion. The truth is, they’re the furthest thing from.

The brothers got their first taste of the music industry at an early age. Their father, Robert Orrall, is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter and producer who has worked with country artists like Reba McEntire, Shenandoah and Taylor Swift. By the time they were in high school, they had there own record label and were putting out EP’s of there own. Since then, they’ve played with the likes of Jack White, Jay Reatard, The Kills, and Best Coast.

However, 2012 has proven to be the band’s best year yet. Having just put out their new album Hypnotic Nights and playing David Letterman last month, they have become the darlings of the rock world and have continued to show countless audiences what a stripped down two piece band is capable of.

According to Jamin, their new album “isn’t very different than our other stuff, it’s better because we had a lot more time than the other records, and we used a better studio.” Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach helped produce the new record; “We kinda just hung out the whole time,” said Jamin, “he was there to help us get good sounds and answer any questions we had.”

Very much like there music, JEFF the Brotherhood’s interview is simple, raw, and full of comedic antidotes. It gives a glimpse into the dynamic duos life both on and off the road.


LF: Who is JEFF the Brotherhood? Tell us a little bit about yourselves.

JB: We are two dudes from Tennessee, we play music.

LF: Who were some of your musical influences growing up?

JB: Weezer and Aerosmith

LF: You started infinity cat recordings with your brother when you were in high school and he was in middle school. What inspired you start a label at such a young age?

JB: We was trying to get chicks.

LF: In 2010, you had the opportunity to work with Jack White, can you tell us a little about that?

JB: It was nice, we shared lots of jokes and played some tunes.

LF: Are you guys starting to notice that as you’ve started to gain a lot more press, (especially over this last year), that the crowds have been getting bigger?

JB: Yup, slowly but surely.

LF: Whats it like hearing your stuff in shows like “Workaholics”. I take you guys are fans?

JB: That show is so funny, love that show!!

LF: You guys recently came off tour and did a few shows opening for Best Coast. How did that come about, are you guys friends?

JB: Yah they asked us and they said we’d get to play basketball every day.

LF: What was the highlight moment of this last tour?

JB: Our friend Perry’s birthday.

LF: In the past, you’ve shared the stage with Sonic Youth, Jay Reatard, and others. If you could play with anyone who would it be?

JB: Aerosmith.

LF: Jake, tell us, whats the deal with the three string guitar? 

JB: I invented it!

LF: Could you talk just a little bit about your association with Warner Brothers?

JB: They are our record label

LF: What can we expect from the new album “Hypnotic Knights” ?

JB: Hypnotic Nights is our best album yet!

LF: How has the band expanded its sound this time around?

JB: I use more amps now and Jamin has a rack tom.

LF: Would you ever consider adding a third member?

JB: Not till we can afford it!

LF: What bands are you both currently listening to?

JB: We both have very different tastes in music, but we both listen to Aerosmith every day.

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