Stay Cool: A Photobook by RJ Shaughnessy

Lazy beach days, endless nights, hot summer romances, and reeking havoc around town… there’s just something about the summer season in Southern California that makes even the most cynical feel young, wild, and free – like anything is possible. Hollywood-based photographer RJ Shaughnessy perfectly captures the energy of a limitless Los Angeles summer in his new photobook entitled “Stay Cool.”


“This is the story of youth, where it comes from, why it’s here and how quickly it escapes us if we aren’t paying attention,” the photographer explains.


These vibrant colors, gorgeous faces, loads of PDA and other shenanigans will remind you of days when not having a care in the world was the only valid choice. When scaling buildings and breaking into “No Trespassing” zones equaled a successful night on the town and countless hours were spent in deep liplock anywhere and everywhere possible.

rjshaughnessy_staycool_022 rjshaughnessy_staycool_029 rjshaughnessy_staycool_012

Shaughnessy’s images transport you back to those times, not so long ago, reminding you that although time and age may escape us, the spirit of our youth is something to be held onto forever…

rjshaughnessy_staycool_034 rjshaughnessy_staycool_040 rjshaughnessy_staycool_091 rjshaughnessy_staycool_053 rjshaughnessy_staycool_065 rjshaughnessy_staycool_067 rjshaughnessy_staycool_070 rjshaughnessy_staycool_071 rjshaughnessy_staycool_074 rjshaughnessy_staycool_086 rjshaughnessy_staycool_125 rjshaughnessy_staycool_137 rjshaughnessy_staycool_139 rjshaughnessy_staycool_142 rjshaughnessy_staycool_135 rjshaughnessy_staycool_112

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