Meet American Apparel’s New “Advanced Basics” Model Jacky

Shock value is no stranger to fashion label American Apparel, and clearly they’re at it again with their introduction of the new “Advanced Basics” model Jacky. Miles away from their normal model prototype of a disheveled, naked, barely legal hipster, Jacky is American Apparel’s first grandma model – adding a bit of diversity to the label. Although Jacky is undoubtedly a stunner, and the majority of her shots for the line channel the sophistication of a woman of her age that’s “still got it.”

American Apparel_Jacky

Jacky was first spotted by an American Apparel rep in a New York restaurant, and according to the rep her energy was so intoxicating that they were compelled to ask her to shoot.

Previously criticized for inappropriate nudity of underage girls, American Apparel is trying to change its public image and take the line in a new direction. Although the obligatory crotch shot of Jacky is… well, there are no words – this is pretty much a complete 360 from anything the label has ever done before. Take a look at the new “Advanced Basics” model on their Facebook page and tell us what you think!

American Apparel_Jacky3

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