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Fall 2012 Print Overload

While we still have a few months to enjoy our fave summer trends of pastel hues, bright neon colors and flatform wedges, we can’t help but look ahead and prepare for what’s to come! 😉 Here’s a glimpse of what to expect this fall: prints, prints and more prints! For their fall 2012 collections, designers dressed their models in head-to-toe prints on the runway, breaking the rules of color and print combinations. From swirly paisleys to Baroque style florals and geometric patchwork, designers have reintroduced a new  era of psychedelic fashion! We’ve put together some of our favorite hypnotizing looks off the runway! Which print will you choose this fall?

Louis Vuitton

Marc Jacobs’ collection for Louis Vuitton is quite over-the-top and aristocratic. Accessorized in luxurious hats, the models travelled in baroque embroidered silhouettes. The elongated skirts and fur-collared coats were the perfect length to showcase such rich and overblown print.

Miu Miu

Miuccia Prada gave us a taste of the 1970s and brought an air of masculinity in the mix of her psychedelic prints. Dressed as though they belonged in the cover of Yellow Submarine, Prada kept the colors feminine in her pantsuits and accessorized with groovy ascots. Though a head-to-toe print can be overwhelming, Prada’s combination and layering of different colors and shapes is mesmerizing!


While the Hermes’ Fall 2012 collection, as a whole, is quite dark in color and western in motif, there are a few unexpected looks. In the midst of the slouchy wool ponchos and leather gauchos, Christophe Lemaire adds a lighter element to his collection with a few silky print pieces. Though the prints couldn’t be more different from one another, there is a sense of color consistency that brilliantly fuzes the floral prints and maze-like patterns.

Fall 2012 Print Overload

Oscar de la Renta

For his Fall 2012 collection, Oscar de la Renta beautifully balances the embellished jewel and Baroque floral prints with light hues such as baby pink, pale green and ivory. With such a classic and royal feel to the collection, aside from the blown-up jewel print, I can’t help but imagine Kate Middleton in one of de la Renta’s twinset ensembles!

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs may have gone a little mad with accessories and knits, but it works and it’s fabulous! Dramatized with over-sized multicolored mink hats, the models looked like they popped out of one of Alice’s dreams! Inspired by style icons Anna Piaggi and Lynn Yaeger, Jacobs’ collection is just as eccentric and unforgettable. As though the layering and volume of the clothes weren’t enough of a statement, Jacobs’ paisley prints are quite elaborate and exaggerated!


Though fur may have been the main attraction in the Mulberry Fall 2012 collection, creative designer Emma Hill has captured our attention with her wild prints that seem perfectly suitable for the shaggy apparel. Mixing it up with sky blue and vivid orange, Hill’s prints vary from a zig-zag pattern to a splashy print that resembles a Jackson Pollock painting – very cool!


Loyal to her mustard yellow and royal blue, Muccia Prada accentuates her vivid autumn colors with kaleidoscope geometric prints. While her groovy Op Art prints may be overwhelming at first glance, Prada beautifully balances them with clean, sharp lines from her trousers and long A-line coats.  She layers hexagons with diamonds , and mix and matches her prints with a common color to hold it all together – simply hypnotizing!


With only two seasons at Kenzo, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim have had fashion editors looking forward to their upcoming collections. For Fall 2012, the two designers have joined the fun of prints and introduced much zig-zag to their clothes. Though floral prints are a seasonal must and a safe bet, Leon and Lim’s stripes, crosshatches and diamond prints will sure surely bring some edge to your closet this fall!

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