Editorial: Eddie Chacon’s “Death Becomes Her”

Last month we were mesmerized by Eddie Chacon of Metropolis of Vice‘s raw black and white photographs of the gorgeous Susann Moore. The musician-turned-photographer is no stranger to using his camera lens to unveil the mysticism of feminine sexuality in a dark, ominous way , and this new collection of images titled “Death Becomes Her” – exclusive to Live Fast – is no exception. The shoot was styled by Sissy Sainte-Marie and features model Katie Broad.

The series boasts a high-fashion goth vibe, combining blacks and muted neutrals with smoky makeup and crypt-worthy accessories. There is something subtly chic – the spider jewelry and barbed-wire choker stimulates our inner fascination with the dark world of the underground – making us want to light some candles up in the dark and listen to old Nick Cave albums on repeat.

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