Live To Eat: Dinner For Two At Caulfield’s Beverly Hills

Ever since I moved away from New York I’ve been looking for my new Balthazar. I miss going there to eat in the middle of the afternoon when you’ve got the staff’s undivided attention, and the crazy crowded nights sometimes too. But beyond the New York institution’s vibe which can never be replaced, I’ve been lusting for a great French-style brasserie with a raw bar, cheese, charcuteries, steak and a vast wine list in L.A.

And that’s exactly what I found during my first visit to Caulfield‘s at the Thompson Hotel Beverly Hills. My ultimate menu to share for a light yet very satisfying dinner date? Start with a very dirty martini at the luscious bar…

Order the tiger shrimp cocktail ($3.50 each) and a half dozen Kumamoto oysters ($21) and you’re in for a treat! You don’t really need that much more seafood to really kick off a meal on the right note, but you should definitely order more if you like to splurge… this is the freshest platter I’ve had in a while.

Next, grab a booth for two and start people watching while sipping on your first glass of red and sifting through the rest of the menu…

I highly recommend the chopped salad ($14) for a fresh appetizer, a perfect blend of textures and with tasty grapes, tomatoes, carrots, haricot vers, chickpeas, feta and avocado.

And since you’re in a French brasseries, might as well order the bar steak, a flat iron steak that comes sliced with compound butter, alumette fries and green salad on the side. Super affordable at $22.

The idea is to eat and sip for a few hours, so by the time you’re down the second bottle of wine, you’re probable going to be hungry for a cheese plate or a dessert. Let me just say, Caulfield’s, I’ll be back for your keylime pie!

Caulfield’s Restaurant

9360 Wilshire Blvd

Beverly Hills CA 90212

(310) 388 6860

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 Photos courtesy of the love of my life

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