Art Crush: Susy Oliveira’s 3D Photo Sculptures

Ever wonder what your favorite Xbox characters would look like if they were real? Toronto-based artist Susy Oliveira manipulates photographs by sculpting two- and three-dimensional collages, bringing virtual images into reality and space. The results of this artist’s work: a pixelated collection of figures that look like they hopped right out of a video game an onto the gallery floor – it’s like a gamer’s wet dream.

sculptures_by_susy oliveira_1

Oliveira’s work attempts to examine perception by controlling and re-producing elements of nature through artificial fabrication, re-purposing images to create new form. Oliveira proclaims her 3D sculptures to be a “compromise between sculpture and photography” using photographic prints wrapped onto foam core to bring virtual reality to life.

sculptures_by_susy oliveira_4 sculptures_by_susy oliveira_5 sculptures_by_susy oliveira_3 sculptures_by_susy oliveira_7 sculptures_by_susy oliveira_6 sculptures_by_susy oliveira_10

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