Slow Times In California’s Sequoia National Park

Last year for Father’s Day my dad decided to fly out from Colorado to California to visit. Instead of just hanging out where I live, we decided to make it a vacation for both of us and embark on the six-hour drive up to Sequoia National Park.

I will start this off by saying my dad is the one who injected me with the travel addiction I now am blessed/cursed with today. Growing up we would go to some far off place… Costa Rica, Alaska, etc. and never spend more than one day in a single location… always driving to see as much as we could see in the time we had there. That is just what we did on our trip through Sequoia.

Waking up and leaving SoCal in the wee hours of the morning the drive up was pretty mellow and bland, but once we made up to the park the pace slowed drastically. Every single thing in the park was so incredibly extravagant.

The trees were twice the size I have ever seen, the canyons were twice as deep, the rapids were raging twice as hard, and the sunsets were twice as vibrant. My dad was patient with me, as I wanted to stop every ten feet to get out and take pictures. I think my jaw was sore afterwards from dropping to the floor in every direction I looked.

After hiking around, stopping often, and taking our time the drive took longer than expected… causing us to have to find a place to stay at one of the very few lodging situations to sleep at in the national park… which of course was filled to the brim with character. The next morning we got an early start and slowly backtracked through canyons and forests.

I could go on and on describing what I saw over the course of those two days, but I hope my photos will do the talking. Witnessing nature of this magnitude is definitely humbling… a feeling I can’t describe unless you have been there for yourself. So I suggest next time you have a few days off to spare take a trip to the Sequoia National Park… and if you have a cool/adventure loving dad, bring him along with you too.

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