Review: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros At The Greek

The moon was out and spirits were high. It was this past Friday night that I caught the soul inspiring Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros at the infamous Greek Theatre under the night’s sky. Their debut album “Up From Below” was our soundtrack for many work sessions at Live Fast. I was equipped with my best friend and a bottle of wine. Alex Ebert (the lead singer who, in case you didn’t know, is not in fact named Edward Sharpe) and company were about to take the stage and I was ready to move to their enchanting music.

Ebert took to the stage bare footed and in white like the full moon shining. Reminiscent of his bohemian creativity he handled the show with ease. There was no set list but Ebert and friends had no trouble navigating their way through the evening. Choosing songs from “Up From Below” and their new album “Here” along with help from the audience, the set was a little bit of everything.

The audience was elated and grateful to watch such a free spirited and talented band light up the darkness of Griffith Park. Ebert must’ve picked up on our friendliness when he went into the crowd to howl at the moon. Everyone gladly joined in. Ebert wasn’t always front and center though. His female band companion Jade Castrinos was also featured in most songs as usual. During one particular banter after the song “Carries On” Castrinos made a touching moment for everyone. After repeating the lyrics “One love – carries on…” Ebert remarked that it was “kind of cheesy” to which Castinos replied, “Yeah but it’s true.” Spirits were lifted even higher.

The most memorable part of the show though was what seems to be everyone’s favorite song “Home”. Known for it’s memorable lyrics and sweetness the band really played their hearts out for us. Everyone was up on their feet and enjoying not only that moment but also what seemed like a joy for life itself. Their usual banter during the song was edited for the occasion and Ebert and Castrinos riffed on how the song came to be. He asked her if she remembered the day he came up with it at his apartment in Elysian Park. “Do you remember what you said to me that day?” “Let’s sing it right now!” Castinos had pleaded. With a twinkle in their eyes they finished the song with a beautiful sentimentality. It felt memorable for everyone.

The last show that had brought me to the Greek was when I had just moved to L.A. Unlike that night, this time I had friends in town, a job, an apartment, and enough experiences to consider myself a little more grown up. I’d come a long way, baby. So as the show ended there was nothing to complain about. The concert was unforgettable and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros made for a great soundtrack to the night. As I was leaving, home felt like a good place to end up.

psst. Pics are from Abby Wilcox’s coverage of Outside Lands 2010.

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