Mural Locator: A New Tool For Street Art Lovers

Have you ever driven down a street and caught a glimpse of street art so interesting that you were only able to sneak a peek of before having to slam on your breaks to avoid causing a five-car pileup? The founders of Mural Locator know that, and they’re here to help.


The new organization strives to archive and spread the word about public wall art by locating and sharing murals from all over the world via user submissions, creating a forum for artists and art enthusiasts to share their love for street art and get inspired by new talent.


The website provides viewers with maps of mural locations and tours; it hopes to educate people on the importance of murals as a public art medium. The submission process is simple and user friendly, but we’d love to see a search feature per artist to make things easier for those who know what they’re looking for.


All in all, it’s an exciting social venture and we look forward to seeing the database grow!


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